Tuesday, February 8, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ Venus, Pluto, Eros & Psyche ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

The Universe is steaming, 2/9/11: Venus conjuncts (kisses) Pluto♇ in earthy, Capricorn in the evening, here on the East coast.  Venus symbolizes what we love, the love nature, attraction and what's valued. Pluto is deep, dark, powerful, sexual, and demanding honesty.  When these two meet up for a celestial kiss, their combined energy sizzles into obsessive love, smoldering possessive desires, and intensely passionate sexual expression.  This dramatic tango lasts the day then Venus departs, passing over Pluto.  He sits alone patiently, then ever so gently whispers to Lunar Goddess, the Cancerian ♋ Moon ☽as she traverses 180° across his path on Valentine's Day.
The month of February wouldn't be complete without discussing those asteroids relating to theloversholiday.
Kissing by Alex Grey
Eros has sex for the intimacy and power it brings and for the potential to transform by touching the divine soul of another, at whatever cost.” ~Kim Falconer. Eros soars all over the Earth, equipped with his bow and arrow, “bewitching” all the arrow strikes. Cupid's arrow lands upon us when we least expect it; Erotic love and passion ignite. When Eros transits, it may indicate areas of life where erotic love and/or passion awaken and possess the power to transform us. 

Martha Lang-Westcott describes Eros as representing what turns us on and defines sexual interest. "It is the essential element of the survival instinct, and for this reason, it is often prominent in death charts when the “drive to love” is shadowed by transit and/or directions or progressions."

Simply stated, Eros is passionately focused energy. What motivates, empowers or drives a person in the location of Eros.  Eros is the asteroid of eroticism yet may be where we become obsessed.  Aren't all obsessions unhealthy?  If utilized in a healthful way they push us to strive for what's fulfilling.  Without an "obsession" or focus to succeed, doctors would never practice medicine, lawyers wouldn't practice law, painters wouldn't create, and poets wouldn't write. It takes a certain amount of angst, perseverance, and focused obsession to succeed in any area of life. The location of Eros is where or what we're passionately attached to.

Do you know where your Eros is? In synastry, chart compatibility, if your Eros is conjunct, trine, or opposite your partners, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Ascendant, Descendant, or their Name asteroid (true, most of you have an asteroid named after yourself) this is a good indication of erotic/sexual attraction/love/attachment. The sign indicates the methods, displays, and manifestation of passion while the house demonstrates areas of life you feel most passionate. Aspects or connections to other planets tell the story. What are you passionate about?

When Eros is conjunct (in the same degree) as a partner's Psyche, you have found your Soul Mate as Eros and Psyche were mythical ancient Lovers. According to Guttman and Johnson, theirs is a story of love (Eros) in search of a soul (Psyche) and a soul in search of love. This myth is highly symbolic of marriage even in contemporary times. We find our mates, starry eyed and smitten. After awhile we dare to look and see them as they really are; disillusionment sets in. Whether separation is emotional or physical, it somehow occurs. The partnership goes through a series of tests, trials, and challenges discovering how strong the bond or union actually is. If strong, it survives these challenges, and becomes stronger than ever. Eros and Psyche are happily reunited as equals at the end of their story.

Currently, Eros is transiting 4° Aquarius, and Psyche at 11° Gemini.  On Valentine's Day, asteroid Eros transits 7° Aquarius 38'♒ .  The Sabian Symbol for 7° Aquarius♒  is "A Child Born Out of an Eggshell".  This is one of the many "Aquarian" degree symbols simply perfect for this sign! Expect the unexpected.  Emerging in a rather unique way.  The creative impulse.  Rounding up to the next degee is 8° Aquarius "Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures on Display".  An obvious "representation" of life presenting an image of beauty that is unreal.  The expression "Beauty is only skin-deep" comes to mind. The image appears to lack any real substance and is a put on, a fake. 

Happy Valentine's Day, wear red, eat chocolate. :-)

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Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Lorraine Valente

Reference thank you's to the wisdom of Lynda Hill, Martha Lang-Westcott, Guttman and Johnson and Kim Falconer.
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  1. My boyfriend's Eros conjuncts asteroid Margarita, my name asteroid! Incredible!!

  2. Hi Anonymous...thank you for sharing that your boyfriend's Eros is conjunct your name asteroid!! How cool is that? There are no concidences! Do you think he treats you differently because of it? Was it love at first sight? Are you passionately involved?? Do tell :-)


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