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☆♥*♥☆ Happy Birthday Pisces, Full Moon ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Happy Birthday Pisces!

For those born between February 18th~March 20th
The Key Phrase is: I Believe.

Pisces is a mutable (changeable, flexible), water (intuitive, emotions) sign located in the Eastern Hemisphere of the chart. Pisces governs the last house, the 12th house, of the natural zodiac. 12th house areas of life invludes hospitals, institutions, confinement, dreams, large animals, psychic influences and meditation, solitude, secret sorrows, sensing, and the subconscious, to name a few. Pisceans are usually those most willing sacrifice themselves for others. They are compassionate and idealistic, often to a fault. If you have a Pisces Sun☀, or if you have planets located in the 12th house, you're intuitive and may possess psychic ability. Spending some time alone is conducive as you'll need to trust your intuitive inner guidance.

Those born under this sign and/or or have personal planets in aspect to Neptune make wonderful counselors, healers, nurses, musicians, dancers, ice skaters, visionary writers, and artists. The Piscean personality is mutable (changeable) and easily influenced by family and friends rather than paying closer attention to their keen intuition. They feel and know things about people that may be invalidated by others. When their insights are repeatedly ignroed,  Pisces begins to believe that their reality is inaccurate and wrong. The truth is that others are not as keenly aware, or they're in denial about what Pisces intuit so easily.

Piscean♓ health issues relates to the feet and immune system; strange illnesses, silent viruses or autoimmune disorders, some of which may have been hidden such as anemia, HIV, AIDS, or Herpes. Sometimes symptoms appear and a diagnosis is difficult to make. Pisces’ polar opposite (12th house~hospitals) is Virgo (6th house~health). The immune system is under strain when Neptune♆ makes difficult angle connections by transit to planets (conjunctions, squares, oppositions and quincunx).

Your ruling planet is the romantic, dreamy, wispy, illusive and mutable planet Neptune. Neptune is fog…you simply can’t “grasp” it and it’s often too dense to see through it. If Neptune is strong in your chart, you may have artistic or musical ability. The image I envision of Neptune is the Good Fairy sprinkling fairy dust that temporarily clouds your good judgment. Since Neptune/Pisces rules the feet, ballet dancers and other forms of dance fall under Neptune’s domain. Negatively, if Pisces folk aren’t in tune with their inner calling, they fall prey to Neptune’s illusions, develop addictive tendencies and a victim mentality causing them to lose their way; lost at sea. Alcohol is poison to Pisces folks.

Sexually speaking, the Pisces/Virgo polarity symbolizes the role of victim/savior, sadomasochism, experimentation, visual stimulation and images that fuel an active inner fantasy world; pornography and voyeurism is likely. Erogenous zones are the feet.

Collective consciousness is the polar opposite of individual consciousness; in the Piscean personality, therefore, the individual ego may be quite weak, while the pletora of universal images is exceptionally strong. Consequently, Pisces is easily influenced, and may come to believe, from listening to friends, parents, or teachers~that his or her intuitive slant on reality is somehow inappropriate or simply wrong .

Since Pisces♓ is the last sign of the zodiac, some say it is the most spiritually evolved sign because compassion and selflessness are indicative of a person with Pisces energy. There is a gentleness, softness and innocence related to this sign. One of the 3 emotional water signs, Pisces lives in a world of dreams and romance. This romantic soul wants to feel deeply connected with their partner.

The Sun's☀ entrance into Pisces♓ at 7:25pm EST, arrives hours after the Full Leo♌ Moon at 29 degrees.

Heres what's happening:

Full Regulus Moon, Friday, February 18, 2011 3:36am EST then Sun☀ ----> Pisces 7:25pm
29 Leo♌, Fixed Star Regulus = Success if revenge is avoided, Healing, Nobility, Great Power & Leadership, Nobility.
Mystic Rectangle = Node 29 Sagittarius♐ ---> Moon 29 Leo♌ --->South Node 29 Gemini 44♊ ---> Neptune/Sun/Chiron ---> Node 29 Sagittarius♐

Sun/Moon = 29 Scorpio♏

Ceres, Mercury☿, Mars♂, Neptune♆, Sun☀ = Aquarius ♒

Keywords for Pisces: Adore, Bliss, Enchantment, Love, Escapist, Illusive, Compassion, Denial, Boundaries, Dreamy, Captivating, Idealistic, Sacrifice, Martyr, Vaporous, Illusion, Impressionable, Addictive, Unreal, Imaginative, Romance, Victim, Savior, Masochist, Joy, Ecstasy, Selfless, Deceptive, Affection, Sensuality, Artistic, Shoes, Feet, Nervous System, Emotional, Giver, Sensitive, Trickery, Ambiguity, Secrets, Expressive, and Clairvoyant.

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Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Lorraine Valente

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