Sunday, February 20, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ Big Winds Moon~Cougar☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Big Winds Moon (Cougar)

In Native American Astrology, those born from February 19th~March 20th are born under the Big Winds Moon and their animal totem is the Cougar. Their color is blue-green of the turquoise and turquoise is also their totem in the mineral kingdom. They are of the Frog Elemental clan.

The stone turquoise is one of the oldest stones used for adornment and protection. Native Americans utilize this stone in much of their jewelry. When worn it was thought to keep its owner from injury or danger.

By J. Peiker, Nature Photographer
Cougar people are natural healers. They're comfortable in magical and mystical realms. These people have the ability to absorb both positive and negative energy from others so it is important for them to always stay grounded in Earth.

The Cougar is the largest cat in North America. Like all cats, cougar is a hunter and enjoys the chase in a hunt. Cougar/Puma is a mountain lion and is solitary and territorial. This cat is one of the best runners and climbers. Their speed and endurance is exemplary. They are possess swift reactions and are capable to going to distant places that few others travel, and why athey are considered Divine messengers. Their ability to sit perched and still for hours to ambush his prey is unmatched. They facial markings are stunning! This is one of the few cats who hunts during the day.

J. Peiker, Nature Photographer
Cougar possesses stalking ability; the ability to move in silence. Balance is essential to their well being. When off balance they become moody yet with the proper direction can be most productive. When cougar appears as your animal totem, he often warns of a lesson that comes in terms of an experience. Coming into your own power, exerting your influence, patience and silence and increased intuitive ability would be utilized if under personal attack.

Keywords: Confidence, Balance, Clever, Leadership, Awareness, Responsibility, Agility, Focus, Proper use of Power, Messenger between Humans and the Divine.

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