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☆♥*♥☆ The Hanged Man ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

The Hanged Man~Card Number 12

Hanged Man~Rider~Waite
The Hanged Man card in the Tarot deck is card #12 and is symbolic of sacrifice. In this way the Hanged Man relates to the sign of Pisces. The Hanged Man is hanging upside down, tied by one foot with the other leg folded behind him freely, with his hands behind his back and a lovely glowing halo crowning his head. Upon first glance you may think he is being punished for some reason and being held captive. Upon closer examination, he doesn’t look unhappy in this position. He is a willing victim/participant and seems at peace. Sacrifice may be necessary; relinquishing confining thoughts and ideas from the past in order to see the light and seek enlightenment. Push aside temptations or instant gratification and just “hang around” and wait it out!

The Ego loses dominance with card number 12. Ruled by illusive Neptune, we adopt feelings and appreciation of mystical vibrations that move beyond the intellectual. Here is where we surrender to a "Higher Power". Priorities change with a selflessness striving towards excellence. Thoughts are stabilized. Shortcomings of constant self gratification become vividly clear. Hidden meanings are contemplated. Sometimes there is a need or desire to give up something in order to receive something of greater value. The Hanged man understands that life is about infinite change and now is the time to listen to intuitive hunches and trust one's own judgment. Spiritual hibernation enables us to view life from an altered state.  In this state, experiences alter values, priorities change and the belief system is shaken.
The 12th number is the “Law of Reversal”; Reversal of thought or a changed viewpoint when the “truth” is realized. Self surrender follows naturally: "I trust the Universe to bring exactly what I want, at the perfect time".

When this card appears in a reading there's a need pause in matters about the question at hand. Sometimes it means a lack of commitment in a relationship reading or being at a stand still or cross roads. Someone isn’t sure about the relationship because there is one foot in and one foot out the door! The Hanged Man can indicate the commitment-phobe. Is he hanging in there or simply hung up? Hanged Man urges to let go of false perceptions and embrace a different point of view.

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