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☆♥*♥☆ Mole Wisdom,Totem ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente
Mole is a symbol of introspection. When a mole appears in a dream, crosses your path or through meditation, it's there to teach you to listen carefully to your inner self and to trust your intuition. A Mole totem gives you a heightened sense of touch. If mole entered your life, you may derive more pleasure from touch sensation or become more aloof because of your acute sensitivity. Psychic touch is also possible with a Mole totem. Individuals with the gift of psychic touch can "feel" and "know" the inner workings of the person being touched.  Many Reiki professionals, those highly attuned with sensing energy fields, may possess psychic touch. They may be the medical intuitive sensing disease through the energy fields of others. People with a Mole totem need to trust their senses. They will know what is true and what is false with just a touch.

Mole is also a guide to the Underworld, to hidden treasures and mysterious places. Fresh air is extremely important to a Mole person. Remember, Mole is blind and also a digger, always searching for his treasures which he ultimately finds. As a totem or power animal, the mole connects you to the energies of the Earth, and gives an understanding of the Earth's cycles and movements.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the derogatory meaning for mole is "a spy", an informer, snitch or "rat". Someone who penetrates or enters a "circle of friends" or organization for the sole purpose of gathering sensitive or classified information and leaking it to an opposing or competing group for personal gain; may also be the opportunist, troublemaker or gossip.

I've personally experienced a female "Mole" on Facebook, a female with an agenda, "posing as a friend", the "frienemy", their own word used to describe another female.  This frienemy was a 7+ year subscriber of this blog, and I shared a lot of astrology and personal information intermittently, yet more frequently when she connected on Facebook last year.  How do you think she demonstrates her supposed friendship?  She "friends" 300 of my friends and coworkers on Facebook, then friends their friends. This woman was aware of my interest in guy I've known for 8 years, and guess what she did?  She sent him a friend request and more than likely shared confidential information with him.  Shortly thereafter, the guy unfriended and blocked me!  Isn't this reminiscent of what you may have experienced as a teenager? Even though I didn't experience these dynamics during school years, it sounds like Junior High school stuff and it's so difficult to comprehend this devious behavior could be demonstrated by a woman who's 60 years old! 

A few friends offered comfort and guidance and they also stated that they didn't trust this woman's intentions either.  For some reason she was in competition and latched on when she realized I knew astrology, wanting to emulate, then overpower me.  She knew of my interest in this guy and aimed to sabotage the relationship. This dynamic was evident by her commenting on every post on my Wall, either by me or a friend, sometimes nonsense, to gain attention. In January,  her postings suddenly stopped completely.  I breathed a sigh of relief until her undermining intentions were discovered, that she continues to perpetuate. Do you really know who all those "friends" are on your friends list? Have you seen this or similiar dynamics unfold online? So watch your back, and your "Wall", and trust only those who have earned its gift. 

While my situation isn't an isolated incidence, and there's much more to the story, these breaches of confidentiality are becoming commonplace as we stay connected through various social networks. Without face-to-face and/or voice-to voice contact, people essentially remain anonymous. Many people also pose under different aliases and avatars to cover their true identity.  Others post a profile photo more than 30 years old, as did this women. Issues of plagiarism and copyright infringement abound, a topic recently discussed amongst professional astrologers. How would you have handled this situation had it happened to you?  Tell me your thoughts about the woman's behavior; what actually motivated such a deceptively cruel betrayal? I certainly learned a valuable lesson about human nature and trusting too easily. I'll look forward to hearing your feedback.

On a more positive note,  the Chinese believe that every mole on the body has a special hidden meaning. Moles on the front of the body generally bring good fortune.  A woman with a mole on her belly, on either side of the naval, usually means she'll have an attractive mate and/or she is attractive. A mole on the stomach signifies one who has everything going for them; your life will be smooth and safe. This is a very lucky mole and better if it's small. A mole in the center of a man's chest may indicate he's kind and has a warm heart. For a detailed body mole chart, click here: Body Moles

Currently, the Arabic Part of Gossip is transiting 27 degrees Pisces 28' conjunct Uranus. The Arabic Part of Insincerity is transiting 28 Aries 41'. What are the degrees of these "Parts" in your own chart? In the charts of people you know? Feel free to share your own experiences. 

Happy New Moon, Chinese New Year of "The Rabbit"!  Blessings for a shiny new day...

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Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Lorraine Valente

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  1. Thank you to the individuals who e-mailed privately. Your insights were helpful in understanding and healing.



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