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☆♥*♥☆ Neptune ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Denial is a protective device, a shock absorber for the soul. It prevents us from acknowledging reality “until” we feel prepared to cope with that particular reality. People can shout and scream the truth at us, but we will not see or hear it until we are ready.
~ Melodie Beattie~The Language of Letting Go.

Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and, therefore, points to where you're acutely sensitive to undertone and nuances. Neptune rules the seas and they may be calm and dreamy or violent and steamy. The ocean or sea is symbolic of the collective unconscious and, thus, where Neptune is located in the chart is where you'll find these dreamlike archetypes. He's the pink fairy dust, sweetening life, contributing to fairy tales and fantasy.  Neptune points to the "Mystic".  The mystic "sees" things others are incapable of discerning, one of the reasons Pisces may loose self as a result of invalidation from others who are more grounded in physical rather than spiritual reality.

He also “blurs” our vision of reality and may create self-deception or draw deceptive people and situations into the life of the individual. Neptune and/or Neptune transits may be prevalent in addiction and addictive behaviors, when people feel lost or drowning at sea.  Poetic prose and magnificent works of art are inspired by their unconscious vision. With Venus/Neptune  there are both positive and negative possiblities.  Negatively, there could be deception or lack of clarity in love, idealistic expectations of the loved one, affairs, or alcoholism and drug abuse. The positive manifestation is sensitivity, sweetness, adoration, artistic and/or musical ability, dance, and a compassionate, kind, romantic soul. Neptune is so romantic that it's considered by some to actually be the glue that maintains romantic love in a long term relationship. Mars/Neptune can dissipate energy; energy “leaks” are common, and passive/aggressive behavior is likely, on the negative side. The positive manifestation would be psychic ability, acute intuitive sensitivity as well as a deeply romantic, sensual nature.

Neptune and Pisces may have uncertain or undefined boundaries because they may have been overstepped or not properly demonstrated in childhood. Boundaries consist of invisible delineation of space between "you" and "me".  They offer limitations of what will and will not be tolerated or accepted from others. They indicate where you and I begin and end. Often, when Neptune, Pisces and the 12th house are involved, there may be undefined boundary issues, especially in interpersonal relationships. The lack of personal boundaries may have been learned as a result of experieincing an invasive, overbearing parents or siblings. The reverse may be true where there was a lack of parental involvement or supervision andthe child was left to dream. Lack of vision, or clarity is felt within the parental household, on an unconscious level.  For instance, parents may have kept secrets from the children or from each other. There is something vague, that doesn't feel trusting or is simply illusive. Sometimes all it really means is having grown up in an artistic home with parents who were a little different, unique, metaphysical or even psychic! Often too much is given up or not enough, just to be in a relationship and keep the peace. Neptune blurs the line between people, places and things.  It also might not know where to draw the line in relationships and results inbeing too accepting and "nice".

The way to embrace a friendship with Neptune is by honoring yourself.  Self love isn't selfish, it's self caring. Shower yourself with compassionate self regard then reap what you sow.

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Lorraine Valente

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