Friday, September 3, 2010

☆♥*♥☆The Vertex~Cosmic Appointments☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Keywords: Turning Point, Destiny, Fated, Karmic, Relationships, Synchronicity, Coincidence, Encounters, Intersection, Crossroads, Cosmic Appointments, Accidents, Events, Attraction.

What is an astrological Vertex? The Vertex is not a planet; it's an intersection of the ecliptic with the prime vertical (Nadir) in the West. In an astrological chart, the Vertex always appears in the Western Hemisphere of the chart, usually through houses 5~8. Because the location of the Vertex is in the western half of the chart, the general nature of the Vertex is about the "relating" principle. The house the Vertex is located defines the types of relationships you seek or draw into your life and how you utilize the principle of relating in all of your relationships. Vertex connections are also also present in "event" or "accident" charts and are triggered by transits and progressions.

Vx      When another's planets conjunct the Vertex, you will automatically know something is special about them, and that person is not easily forgotten. It seems that the Vertex attracts important or fated people and events into our lives. They are karmic cosmic "encounters" and beyond ones control. If you want to remember Vertex symbolism, it's like being in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time! There are "turning points" in the area of life the Vertex connects with in the chart.

For example, if ones' Mars is conjunct (the same astrological degree) your own Vertex you may feel that person to be very sexy/sexual and connected with their dynamic energy. They may either incite or excite you! When an individuals Saturn is conjunct your Vertex, they may be somewhat "stabilizing" or offer sage advice and wisdom. You may look towards this person for discipline, lessons, or structures they bring into your life or, alternately, into theirs. However, we don't readily welcome lessons or Saturnian energy another brings to a relationship.

Cosmic Appointments
I once owned a staffing/recruiting business and interviewed, then placed, a job applicant and subsequently earned a high commission from that placement. Since we never met in person, as most interviewing was performed over the phone, I asked if he would share his birth data with me. "Coincidentally", his Jupiter was conjunct my 8th house Venus/Vertex; he brought me luck in financial matters by earning a commission from his job placement. Receiving commissions from others (Venus in the 8th conjunct the Vertex) is an 8th house event.  Fated love connections are possible with an 8th house Venus/Vertex and is also an aspectof a counselor or one who listens to others.

I love using the Vertex in chart synastry and compatibility. If you look back to significant people and events in your life, you'll likely find connections to your Vertex and Anti-vertex, the point opposite the Vertex. In some instances, the energy seems to be similar to that of the Nodal axis. However, the Vertex, unlike the Nodal axis, doesn't store past memory, talents, or abilities. It serves to draw the necessary people, events, and learning experiences into our lives. When it does, those people and experiences are significant in some way, as indicated by the house and sign. There is a synchronistic quality to these contacts. 

"Be careful what you wish for....."

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Lorraine Valente

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  1. I am so happy you wrote about the Vertex. I am fascinated with this point. For a whole year every man that I dated either had their Vertex conjunct or opposing my was an interesting year.

  2. Hi Redleppard :-)

    Thank you for your response! It's a fascinating point. You're absolutely right. It's great that you've made note of the contacts the men you've dated make to your own chart. It surely helps mitigate and illuminate circumstances.

  3. great written article,I love it, my sun and venus conjunct my friend vertex/chiron conj

  4. Hi Anonymous! Glad you enjoyed the Vertex article. With your Sun/Venus on your friends Vertex/Chiron you may have felt an immediate friendship and comfort level and learning to value your self.


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