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☆♥*♥☆Aries Full Moon~September 23☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Dear Moongazers,

Early September 23rd, we'll experience a potent Full Moon in the sign of Aries.  The Moon enters Aries at 00 degrees at 4:47am Eastern Daylight Savings Time, with the actual Aries Full Moon culminating less than an hour later at 5:17am.  A Full Moon is always a culmination of energy carried forth from the New Moon, approximately 14 days earlier.  This is no ordinary Full Moon, though, as it culminates at the gate of a new sign, a sign ruled by the red hot planet, Mars who just happens to be in the sign of Scorpio. 00 Aries is called the Aries point. The Aries point, AP, or 00 Aries, and has enormous potential for the individual to bring the energy of the planet (the Moon) out to the public. It's a very visible point of contact.  Wherever 00 Aries falls in your birth chart shows the area of life where energy is focused during this Full Moon.  For instance, if it falls in your 4th house, the home, family, parents and nurturing issues become visible.  In the 7th house, relationship issues come to the forefront of awareness. Cardinal energy moves from inner to outer awareness. There is an urge to express this energy collectively. The Moon is the people.

Here's the rundown of planetary aspects on the day of this dynamic, fateful Aries Full Moon:
  • Moon opposes Sun 00 Libra, Hygeia 1 Libra and Saturn 6 Libra
  • Moon squares (tension) Pluto 2 Capricorn
  • Moon squares (tension) Hades 00 Cancer, Kronos 6 Cancer and the North Node 7 Cancer
  • Pluto opposes (crossroads/integration) Hades 00 Cancer, Kronos 6 Cancer and the North Node 7 Cancer
  • Hades 00 Cancer, Kronos 6 Cancer and the North Node 7 Cancer squares (tension) the Sun,Hygeia and Saturn
  • Moon conjuncts (intensity) Fixed Star Sheat (linked to energy of Mars & Mercury)
  • Eros conjuncts (intensity) Mars at 6 degrees Scorpio ~Wow o' Wow
  • Uranus and Jupiter share 28 degrees Pisces
  • Neptune and Chiron share 26 degrees Aquarius
  • Moon/Sun = 00 Capricorn 14
  • Moon/Hygeia = 00 Capricorn 45
  • Pluto/Hades = 1 Aries 41
  • Mars/Juno = 00 Libra 36
  • Sun/Hygeia = 00 Libra 45
  • Venus/Juno = 2 Libra 27
  • Venus 9 degrees, Poseidon 8 degrees, Mars 5 degrees all in Scorpio
  • Mars/Neptune = 1 Capricorn 03 ~Psychic energy, energy loss, cravings, inspiration
  • Mars/Chiron = 1 Capricorn ~ healing old wounds, Reiki energy to the World
  • Pluto=Jupiter/Saturn ~ fearless, focused, separations, confronting, the Bull & the Bear=The Stock Market
  • Pluto=Venus/Neptune ~Addictions, loss of a loved one, passionate longings
  • Pluto=Moon/Saturn ~depression, self control, dutiful, conscientious, inhibitions
  • Pluto=Venus/Chiron ~ transformative healing power of love
  • Pluto=Saturn/Uranus ~ violence, turbulence, endurance, emotional tensions
  • Uranus=Moon/Jupiter ~ Religious fanaticism, sudden births, social change, marital conflicts, botched breast implants, erratic food supply, erratic emotions
  • Ceres conjunct the Galactic Center squares Jupiter/Uranus ~More GMO's (Monsanto is Evil)
  • Arabic Part of Astrology = 26 degrees of Aquarius = Neptune/Chiron
What does it all mean?

Cardinal energy is dynamic.  It's fast, angry, impatient, wants to make things happen and not tomorrow or an hour, or a few minutes from now. Aries wants it NOW!!  People are highly aroused, passionate, emotionally intense. A cardinal grand cross is forming in the Heavens. 

We're already seeing the energy manifest in news reports. 

  1. A 16 year old girl was allegedly drugged with a date rape drug, possibly GHB, and sexually assaulted by five to seven men in a field outside a rave late Friday and early Saturday morning. 
  2. After receiving a physicians report on his mother, a Virginia man pulled out a semi automatic hand gun shoots the doctor, then himself.
  3. Woman Admits Acid Attack Was Hoax. 
  4. Man shows up drunk to his Public Intoxification hearing:
  5. Missing body found in Shark:
What else can we experience?

I'm not an alarmist and prefer to maintain positive thoughts; there are some wonderful manifestations of this Full Moon.  Want the good news or the bad news first? Power outages, electrical mishaps, storms, unusual weather conditions, and accidental fires.  Sex crimes and crimes of passion are certainly possible.  I'm sorry folks but the suicide rate will increase as well as prescription and illicit drug use. Drug overdoses are possible so please keep your medications out of the medicine cabinet, out of reach of children and teens. Store them in a safe place, under lock and key if you must.  Police Officers, Firemen and Prison officials will be very busy during this time. Send healing energy to the Universe. An astrologer friend and I have been discussing issues surrounding animal abuse and the atrocity of using dogs and cats and bait animals in pit bull fights.  Animals and sea life are highlighted. Certain religions, still today in the United States, perform animal sacrifices, particularly at the Full Moon and on HalloweenPlease, please, please keep your pets indoors. 

My Kitties
Many people are experiencing financial struggles and have abandoned their pets on the street or given them up to the SPCA.  Animal shelters are overwhelmed with pets of all ages.  Many of these lovely family pets will be euthanized.  It doesn't cost much to feed a pet and there are people out there who will help care for your beloved one, provide food and supplies to help through during difficult times.  Don't act in haste, wait it out, this too shall pass. Animals are people too.

Relationships of all kinds are experiencing a tremendous shift.  Positively there is "tremendous" transformative healing energy associated with this Moon!!  Whatever you want, whatever you wish for, whatever you focus on will happen, fast, fast fast!  Decision-making speeds up; there are no if, and's or buts. Clear out whatever is unnecessary in your life, whatever no longer serves your higher purpose, people who are unsupportive, critical, overreacting, who needs it?  Mother Nature is purging, and the desire to understand Universal Laws are strong. 

So many people are coming to understand the cyclic nature of the planets and becoming involved in the study of Astrology.  Astrology "is" the "new" old paradigm.  Western science clearly forbids the possibility that Astrology is, in fact, a tool of measurement, a research tool, far superior to work done in any research laboratory.  No longer will Astrological Theory be discounted as "pseudo-science".  The mathematics of "consciousness" and mystical experiences can not be measured "scientifically" because "science" doesn't possess a method by which such experiences can be effectively measured.  However, astrological symbolism already illuminates these otherworldly realms through interpretation of the birth chart. 

~*~ As above, so below~*~

~*~Miracles are possible~Wish it~Believe it~*~
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Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Lorraine Valente

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