Sunday, September 5, 2010

☆♥*♥☆ New Moon~Virgo☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Dear Stargazers...

The upcoming New Moon on September 8th, arrives at 6:30am on the East coast.  This New Moon is in the sign of Virgo (15 degrees), energetically connected to the planet of communication, Mercury, who is in the process of completing his 3 + week apparent backward motion.  On September 12th, Mercury turns direct at 05 degrees Virgo.

A Placidus chart cast for 6:30am on the East coast has Virgo Rising, with Mercury retreating in the 12th house.  The Part of Fortune connects with the Ascendant, also at 14 degrees Virgo.  The Sun and Moon follow at 15 degrees with healing Hygeia at 25 degrees Virgo.  That's a lot of Virgoan energy connected with a retrograde Mercury! 

This New Moon, though, involves reflection. It's about discerning mixed messages and tuning into, attending to, intuitive hunches and signals, particularly their effect on the mind-body connection.  Thoughts and perceptions influence mood and, in turn, health.  We can talk, or think, our way into excellent health, pain, or illness. Meditation, quieting the mind, is helpful because you don’t have to think of anything at all. The mind relaxes and so the body, aiding in self-healing.

This New Moon reminds me of The Hermit symbolism. The Hermit represents a person who is a teacher of the true meaning of life and who is a spiritual guide. He stands alone and is isolated. He is cloaked in a gray (wisdom) robe, head down, eyes closed, looking within. He holds an illuminated lamp in his right hand held out and up to the sky, as if guiding him on a path. The light inside of the lamp is in the shape of a star. In his left hand, a golden staff is held representing intelligence. The Hermit lights the way for others who have lost their way. When Hermit appears there is a need to shed light on a situation in order to heal. Since light casts shadows, it also encourages us to deal with contradictions within, including those of the shadow self. Virgo assimilates spiritual knowledge including the desire to serve.  The Hermit suggests you blend critical thinking with intuition. Good advice and pure intentions are indicated. You must persevere to achieve a particular goal. Look within for guidance. Introspection, attainment and realizing your purpose is possible.

Because Mercury leads this upcoming New Moon, the sabian symbol for 6 degrees Virgo is "A Merry-go-Round".  Isn't that a wonderful symbol for a retrograde Mercury!  The Merry-go-Round goes around, and around, and around and is thrilling and exciting yet, how many have been dizzy, temporarily losing balance once it has stopped? This symbol speaks of possibly placing ones life on hold to enjoy a moment, or re-verting or re-peating emotional experiences.  Seven (7) degrees Virgo is "A Harem" speaks of women working together or, alternately, being lost in the crowd.

"Kissing"~Alex Gray
Then, 5  hours after the New Moon, Venus enters passionate Scorpio.  Emotions intensify in the Scorpion, heating up to memories of 9-1-1, September 11th, the day before Mercury turns direct.  Let's re-member those who lost their lives on that day, and those who survived as well as who fought, served, and helped to protect all of us.  This New Moon in Virgo reminds us that when we serve "another", we serve everyone, including ourselves. It's a win-win situation. It is no coincidence that the Moon and Venus embrace in a cosmic "kiss" on the morning of September 11th!

"Let there be peace on Earth"...

3 days before the New Moon  on September 8th is the balsamic phase. This phase is also called the Wishing Moon..............

Make a Wish, Blow a Kiss to the Universe~!

Enjoy your day and remember, I'm available for consultations and readings 7 days via phone, e-mail or in-person.

Lorraine Valente

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