Saturday, September 25, 2010

☆♥*♥☆Female Sexuality & Relationships☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

What better timing then to discuss sexuality with the planets of love attraction and sexual desires both in the sign of Scorpio! As a currently single female who has studied sexuality and the female condition, it must be noted that there is "still" a double standard when discussing and expressing sexual desire. "Some" women are remiss, fearful or conditioned to limit their response, learned in childhood and reinforced by society. We're supposed to be "good" girls and not like sex too much, only when our partners want us, so then a man will marry us. A woman who enjoys sex, is in touch with her sexuality and is able to express those desires, is considered aggressive, too intense, oversexed or a whore. Let's remember that many men still suffer from the Madonna/Whore Complex, meaning: Men are loathe to marry the sexually experienced woman. It's too much of an ego blow, even though they claim to desire a woman who enjoys sex yet moan all throughout their relationships/marriage about not "getting" enough. Instead, a married man (or a single one) takes a woman "on the side" to experiment with and reveals his true sexual nature with that individual.

Women may be more secretive about their desires as a result of societal conditioning. This is perpetuated, then reinforced, during adolescence, the dating process, and in marriage further reinforced by the "male perspective" and male response. However, many women of all ages love sex (with an encouraging partner). Men tend to condition (read control) the female response to it by their own expectations of who a "good" woman is (it's no wonder women eventually repress their desires or look elsewhere). It should also be noted that women are, instead, relating to younger, open-minded, and sexually accepting males.
This may be a contributing factor in recent statistics confirming that more than 51 % of all married women have cheated on their husbands at least once. The1st time in history, statistics lean towards the female, and frankly, this doesn't surprise me. The statistics are probably higher because women are conditioned towards "silencing" their desires as well as discussing it openly fearing a label and ostracism. Yet this is changing, albeit slowly. Younger generations of females and males are sexually experimental, choosing to maintain "open" relationships. No longer requiring the sole financial support of men, women now choose partners who satisfy them sexually and emotionally. Those partners may be equal to or several years younger, rather than choose the stereotypical, financially secure, older man. Men are finally experiencing a glimpse of what is feels like when a woman chooses to act on her desires, the same way "privileged" men have been behaving for generations; they've taught women well.

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Lorraine Valente

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