Sunday, March 13, 2011

☆♥*♥☆Prayers & Healing Japan, Peace☆♥*♥☆

Calling all Lightworkers,

The magnitude of the Japan quake of 8.9 is incomprehensible. Strong aftershocks continue to shake Japan's main island as the desperate search presses on for survivors from Friday's massive earthquake and tsunami. The death toll continues to rise. There is a radiation threat from a nuclear plant. The Earth's axis has shifted.

Mother Nature is feeling misery and is terribly disappointed in how we've treated her sea babies and oceans, her furry friends and the lands in which they're (supposed to) roam. Her trees, plants and flowers and the air that nourishes all she births, misused and infected with chemicals, pesticides, sewerage, toxic waste and debris.  She's been betrayed by the very people (humans) she has relentlessness, and without question, nourished and supported for centuries. Gaia, Earth Mother, is angry and hurting and is forcing humans to pay attention. She's taking back what's rightfully hers, whatever portion that may be, shaking the Earth, rising the seas in self corrective effort.

Within Her releasing message, we mourn the loss of hundreds of thousands of humans, animals and sea life. Yet there are many people and animals being rescued, who have survived and need our continued care and financial support. Give whatever you can, even a $ dollar or healing energy.  It's free!

The right side of the body sends energy, while the left side of the body receives. The people of Japan, the animals and Mother Earth need your help. By placing your left hand over your heart chakra, while at the same time holding your right hand palm up and facing outward, send heartfelt love, compassion and healing energy to anyone and everyone who's in need. Let us visualize peace and surround the Earth, especially Japan, with a beautiful white light. This light is so warm, loving, and healing and surrounds every living person, tree, plant, animal, fish, dolphin, whale, ape, cat, dog and every living being on the planet. These magnificent gentle, warm rays gently caress, soothe, penetrate, then heal every living cell in Heavens and on Earth, offering comforting unconditional love. (◠)

We are blessed, we are all connected, let's offer healing love, compassion, kindness, and gratitude to all on Earth

...Thank you.

Peace   Love   Light   ƸӜƷ Serenity   Magic

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Lorraine Valente

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