Wednesday, March 23, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ Ares/Mars Myth ☆♥*♥☆

Mythology of Ares/Mars♂

The Greek God Ares’ domain was war, combat and battle. He was the son of Zeus (Jupiter) and Hera (Juno). Ares was feared by most folk becuase violence and battle for his own sake “turned him on”. His own sister Athene calls him a “thing of rage, made of evil, a two-faced liar” (1). However, when the God of War is wounded or defeated in battle he flies angrily to Mt. Olympus to complain to his father who tells him: "Don’t whine at me, you two-faced liar. To me, you are the most hateful of all the gods on Olympus. Wars, fights and quarrels are dear to your heart” (1).

The Romans called him Mars and he was considered a heroic God. In the birth chart, Mars points to your warrior spirit. Mars♂ demonstrates how you take action and what area of life you operate most quickly and independently. Sexual energy is implicit in the study of Mars. He is the proverbial male or masculine archetype. Mars♂ position, its aspects to other planets, and the house (s) it rules show where and how you exert your energy and force. It shows how you initiate the sexual act and provides clues to your sexual nature. Mars is the ancient ruler Scorpio with the modern ruler being Pluto♇. Pluto♇ indicates unconscious and psychological complexes while Mars pushes this to the surface of consciousness and initiates action into the world. When Pluto and Mars aspect each other in the chart, sexual nature is significantly heightened, intensified and enduring. Individuals with Mars aspecting Pluto may be muscular or quite physically strong and excel in athletics.

Where is Mars and Pluto in your chart?  Do they aspect each other?  How do you experience this energy?

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1. Guttman & Johnson (1996). Mythic Astrology.

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