Saturday, March 19, 2011

☆♥*♥☆Full, Super, Crisis Moon☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Dear Cosmic Cohorts,

Today, this afternoon on the East coast, we will experience a Full Moon, a Super Moon, a Crisis Moon.  The Moon is perigree which means it's very close to the Earth.  In fact, it's the closest to the Earth it's been in 19+ years, which happens to be the length of an "Eclipse" cycle.  Luna will appear much bigger and brighter as a result of her close proximity. Wherever you are in the World, this spectacular event will be a photographer's glory!  Please take photos and post them to your Facebook pages and Twitter.

Meanwhile, since she is so close to the Earth, water, oceans, sea life, people will feel more sensitive, intuitive, agitated, and especially anxious about the impending Japan catastrophe.  Please, please, please, surround that reactor in healing white light. Visualize it cooling down, calming, soothing. Send prayers and positive energy to the people and animals.

Mother Nature has "had it".  She's reached her limit; her boilng point.  She set boundaries and each time, she's been crossed. She's provided us many opportunities to care for her Planet, her fur and water babies, her trees, her soil and land, her plants, her air, her insects; all "loaned" to us.  We used and abuse the priviledge. Her special children, the "Dolphins" were targeted for annihilation. These intelligent, peaceful, helpful mammals were being systematically, intentionally destroyed.  During the Tsunami, local fisherman left 24 dolphins in a holding pen awaiting their fateful slaughter. Instead, they were trapped, thrashing around, intuitively wanting escape and refuge, and their cries were ignored.  All 24 are dead, and that's not the end of it. 

 "Hell Hath no Fury as a Woman Scorned" especially a Mother protecting her children.  "Don't mess with my kids", she says. Mother Nature is taking back what is rightfully hers. How many "natural" disasters does it take for us to listen?  Our life here on this Earth depends on respecting these natural gifts, and they are gifts,that won't last forever unless they are protected and cared for.

So here we are, on the verge of a Super Crisis Full Moon the day before the Sun enters fesity Aries and the Spring Equinox.  There is more seismic activity around the Spring and Fall Equinoxes.  Coupled with the Super Full Moon and the Sun☉ Uranus♅ conjunction on Tuesday, the 21st, be prepared for "change". 

NYC by Lorraine

Here's the planetary picture line-up:

* Sun☼ opposite Moon 28 Virgo 48, ending degrees
* Sun☼ conjuncts, shares energy with Black Moon Lilith (BML)  (Hell Hath no fury...) & Uranus♅ at the Aries point = sudden destruction
* Sun/Moon = 28 Gemini 47, Sun/Uranu♅s = 29 Pisces, ending degrees
* Moon squares the Nodal Axis & Hades, the underground, dirt, filth, South Node conjunct Hades
* Jupiter♃ 12 Aries conjunct Mercury 16 Aries opposite Zeus/Saturn♄ both retrograge in Libra
* Hygeia 27 Scorpio trines Black Moon Lilith (BML), ending degrees
* East Coast New York, NY Ascendant = 01 Leo 18', Sun as Ruler
* Poseidon 9 Scorpio opposes Astrea 9 Taurus
* Pluto♇ squares Zeus/Saturn♄, Earth rumblings
* Pluto♇ = Saturn♄/BML = Uranus♅/Zeus = Saturn/Uranus♅ = Sun/Saturn
* Mars♂/Jupiter♃ = Uranus♅
* Mars♂ = Mercury☿/Venus♀
* Hades = Moon/Sun = Moon/BML = Moon/Uranus
* Pallas = Pluto♇/Ceres =Neptune♆/Pluto♇, tainted food supplies, poisons, withholding food, purging
* Ceres = Neptune quincunx Virgo Moon opposite Transpluto
* Nemesis 28 Virgo 12 rx conjunct Moon, opposite Sun, BML, Uranus♅,all ending degrees
* Arabic Part of Destiny =  16 Libra opposite Mercury☿
* Arabic Part of Endings 29 Leo, Regulus, opposite Ceres/Neptune♆, squares Nodal Axis, food/water supply, ending degree
* Part of Transformation, coined by Lynn Koiner, 27 Sagittarius 42' conjunct North Node just a degree off the Galactic Center, ending degree.
* Asteroid Oceana 8 Libra 09 rx parallel Mars♂ squares Pluto♇
* Asteroid Orcus 1 Virgo opposes Chiron 2 Pisces
* Asteroid Russia 2 Pisces 52' conjuncts Chiron
* Asteroid Argentina 27 Pisces 40' conjuncts Sun/BML, opposes Moon, ending degrees

The way we view life on this Planet will drastically change.

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Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Lorraine Valente

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