Wednesday, March 23, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ Budding Trees Moon ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Budding Trees Moon (Red Hawk)

In Native American Astrology, those born from March 21~April 20th are born under the Budding Trees Moon and their animal totem is the Red Hawk. Their color is yellow and their totem in the mineral kingdom is the fire opal. This Moon is part of the Thunderbird clan.

The fire opal is similar to quartz and is found in sedimentary rock and in cavities in volcanic rock. Opal comes in a variety of lustres and hues and sports a glassy to waxy luster. The opal has been used by Native people since very early times. It is considered to be a stone of hope and was thought to render the wearer invisible when he or she did not wish to be seen.

Just like the opal, Red Hawk people can often be found near hot spots or places of pressure. They are open to new ideas and show an enthusiastic spark of interest to vital new information presented to them. They are catalysts and messengers, capable of making any new idea into a reality. Because they are born under the Budding Trees Moon, they are bursting with new life, energy and intuition. Hawk has an ability to hover and can suspend itself in midair. Because of aerodynamics, hawk's energy is efficient. Hawk is also known for its speed and endurance. Hawk medicine is also associated with thunder and lightening, and like the Tower in the tarot deck, may indicate turbulent change.

Being born under this Moon brings intuitive hunches, flashes of insight, and philosophical growth to people born under its sign. The message is to notice and pay attention to signals and signs. Don't allow emotions to cloud judgment.

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Lorraine Valente

Gratitude to Sun Bear and Wabun's Medicine Wheel

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