Sunday, October 3, 2010

☆♥*♥☆ October's Cosmic Events ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Hi Stargazers...


Another dynamic month is upon us with the Sun and Mercury in Venus-ruled Libra, while both relationship planets, Mars and Venus share intensity in the sign of Scorpio.  These two can read each other's mind, kinda sorta.  It's intense, truth-seeking, passionate and determined. However, Venus is turning retrograde (rx) early October 8th, here on the East coast, a day before the New Libra Moon. Relationships and friendships are up for review.  Old lovers may return with something to share. This can be a challenging time for relationships because we want the truth, we need to talk it out, smoothe it out yet words can be emotionally charged.  Whatever it means to you, speak your truth.  Mean what you say.  It's okay to speak your mind clearly.  Trust the process and always follow your heart.

Here's the planetary rundown:

October 3: Mercury -----> Libra
October 7: New Moon 14+ degeres Libra
October 8: Venus turns rx 13 degrees+ Scorpio through November 18th at 27 degrees Libra
October 10: World Day of Interconnectedness~Peace to Earth Mother and all People and Animals
October 11: Columbus Day observed in the United States
October 20: Mercury -----> Scorpio, Mars trines Jupiter in pm
October 22: Full Moon 29+ degrees Aries
October 23: Sun ----> Scorpio
October 28: Mars ----> Sagittarius, Sun conjuncts Venus pm
October 31:  Happy Halloween, Samhain, Wiccan New Year

3 days before the New Moon on October 7th is the balsamic phase. This phase is also called the Wishing Moon..............

Make a Wish, Blow a Kiss to the Universe~!
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Lorraine Valente

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