Tuesday, October 19, 2010

☆♥*♥☆ Full Aries Moon ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Dear Moongazers,

How has everyone been experiencing this Venus retrograde?  Venus in Scorpio stopped dead in her tracks and turned backwards on October 8th, and life has proved interesting for many.  Couples have been reevaluating their relationships and, more importantly, what they value in all important relationships.  This Venus is deep and dark, with the ability to leave no stone unturned in matters of love. Feel free to share any synchronous stories. 

While she continues to move backwards, messenger Mercury is about to tag her down on or about October 25th with something important to share. Intimate encounters. A secret may be revealed. Before that happens, the glorious Moon is Full once more, in the sign of Aries. Last month we experienced a significant Full Moon at  00 degrees Aries, the Aries Point (AP) while this month, the next Full Moon on Friday, October 22, here on the East coast, at 29 degrees of Aries~!  00 degrees of any sign is a beginning, shiny and new with much to learn and acquire, while 29 degrees of any sign is an ending degree that may have difficulty letting go, before moving on. So, here we have the upcoming Full Aries Moon at 29 degrees.

In a recent online astrology forum discussion about this Moon in the same sign as the last one, appearing back to back, and have pondered what to call it.  What do we call a Full Moon that appears in the same sign as the prior Full Moon?  We were at a loss to find a current definition or vocabulary word to describe it. So, we decided to brainstorm and make one up.  I came up with the term "Duplicitous Moon", and there it was agreed.  The upcoming Aries Duplicitous Full Moon, like other Full Moons, is a culmination of energy.  When thought seeds are planted during the Balsamic Phase (3 days before the New Moon), that wishful energy is activated.  The Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees Aries, according to Lynda Hill's Special Edition, Sabian Symbol Oracle, is "The Music of the Spheres".  I love this symbol; one of harmony, musicality, a symphony of light, and a collaborative, rhythmic peaceful effort. The symbol for 30 degrees Aries is "A Duck Pond and it's Young Brood", reflecting family heritage, responsibility, water supporting life, and nurturing offspring.

The Sun/Moon midpoint for this Full Moon is 29 degrees Cancer "A Greek Muse Weighing New Born Twins in Golden Scales" symbolic of comparisons, a balancing act, new beginnings, the scales of Justice, measurements, and ancient wisdom is implied. The midpoint is the actual distance between the Sun and Moon, where they meet halfway. They ultimately share this energy.  The midpoint squares the Full Moon.  Anyone born on July 21st (28 Cancer) or July 22nd (29 Cancer) is probably already experiencing its presence.

Behind the scenes, powerful Pluto transits at 3+ degrees Capricorn conjunct Ceres, asteroid of grain and food, and shares a bunch of significant midpoints as follows:

Pluto = Ceres/Part of Fortune
Pluto = Chiron/Poseiden
Pluto = Venus/Chiron
Pluto = Jupiter/Saturn
Pluto = Neptune/Poseiden
Pluto = Venus/Neptune
Pluto = Saturn/Uranus
Pluto = Jupiter/Hygeia

Our food supply has been and will continue to undergo a horrific transformation if we allow the deception to continue. Genetically modified (GM) grain is currently incorporated into our food supply but there is "no" regulation in the United States requiring that GM ingredient information be placed on food labels.  We are one of the only countries who allow this!  Our food supply is being systematically poisoned for profit while other countries ban genetically modified foods completely.  More recently, growers of grain such as Monsanto (read: the Devil in disguise), continue to deceive consumers.  As a result of public protest against the high fructose corn syrup inclusion in just about every packaged food, crafty marketing professional decided to rename the "obesity causing, cancer causing, empty calorie ingredient" and label it "corn sugar".  It's the same nasty stuff.  So these food issues and the lack of nutritional value in our nation's food supply, is actually producing a society that's starving.  Ceres/Pluto connections often surrounds food issues including eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. People are growing larger, more obese yet nutritionally starved with fake, chemical-laden, hormone-laden, ingredients that "mimic" food, yet it's not even close to food.  How long did it take for the tobacco industry to display "smoking can be hazardous to your health and has been known to cause cancer in laboratory animals" on the side of their cigarette boxes?? This posted warning process was similar for the carcinogenic effects of artificial sweeteners like Sweet 'n Low. By the time labeling is required millions of people will have already been poisoned by this manufactured garbage food.

Organic growers are being threatened for not complying with the Monsanto "agenda". This is the same company that produces one of the most toxic environmental ground hazard called round-up. This chemical pesticide is used to kill weeds on your lovely green lawn. However, Monsanto decided to create these GM seeds called round-up ready, meaning that the seed, when planted, will not die off when sprayed with round-up pesticides that's used to kill surrounding weeds and insects. It becomes "resistent" to death by round-up. So let's say that those seeds who grow into plants are picked and mixed into your food is eaten. How do you think this "manufactured" seed/food will react with your metabolism? Central Nervous System? Brain? Food Allergies? This isn't even the worst of it because these "reformulated" grains are then mixed with other reformulated grains and mixed with high fructose corn syrup a/k/a: corn sugar and mixed with mega doses of sodium, food dyes, and other unknown ingredients too long to pronounce let alone spell. Oh, let's remember too that these toxic, nutritionally deprived fake foods are also fed to cows, pigs, ducks, and chickens you eat. So there you have the above Pluto/Ceres and other midpoint symbolism.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. If you want to learn more about this topic and others, schedule a phone, or e-mail consultation and if you book a consultation between October 25-29, take an additional 10% off your reading.  I can be reached via e-mail at I'm also available via Skype and on Facebook.


Lorraine Valente

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