Thursday, October 28, 2010

☆♥*♥☆Judgment XX ~Pluto☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Tarot Card # 20 XX~ Judgment~Symbolic of Pluto

The symbol of Judgment may appear in a reading during a time of soul testing. You may need to adjust to new circumstances based upon a changed awareness. In the Rider-Waite version, Angel Gabriel sounds a trumpet as he creates air. Air is equivalent to breath. There are seven lines or tones radiating from his trumpet = sounds of do re mi fa sol la ti do. The people below, man, child and woman raise their arms up to the Angel as their spirits unfold. Their gray bodies are symbolic of wisdom.

Judgment may symbolize something lying dormant within awaiting emergence into consciousness. Some unconscious truth is being awakened and brought to conscious awareness. Perhaps there was a lack of clarity yet now easily see the pathway to truth. Judgment usually speaks of a time of reckoning, bringing to light that which was hidden. Freedom from past guilt and the inspiration to move ahead is possible now. Darker aspects of the personality may have been repressed or stuffed down inside, because of fear of re-experiencing a past trauma. Perhaps this is a time to judge not only your own motives, but those of the person in question in your reading.

When Judgment appears in a spread, you are being asked if your judgments of others are restricting your growth and your ability to create lasting relationships. The need to transform dysfunctional beliefs elevate you to a higher spiritual vibration.

Keywords: Renewal, awakening, inner voice, inspiration, spiritual awareness, and a desire to improve. Reversed: A closed mind, mistakes from following the wrong advice, having a limited viewpoint, unconsciously motivated behaviors.

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