Tuesday, October 26, 2010

☆♥*♥ Freeze Up Moon~Snake~Scorpio ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

In Native American Astrology, those born from October 23rd- November 22nd are born under the Freeze Up Moon and their animal totem is the Snake. Their gemstone Malachite is thought to have spiritual powers and increases receptivity to all forms of subtle energy including psychic energy. Malachite stone derives its name from the Greek word "mallow" meaning, a green herb. Historically, Malachite was crushed and used in preparing green paints in the early civilizations. It was worn as jewelry by ancient Egyptians around 4000 BC thinking that it could protect the wearer from black magic and sorcery. Even in ancient Greece the amulets were made from malachite stone beads were worn by children.

Snake is associated with the color orange and their mineral is copper. Copper is attributed with many special powers. For years, people who suffer from arthritis would wear copper bracelets or anklets to ease stiffening of the joints. Copper also conducts electricity better than most other minerals and is often utilized in electrical wiring. It also conducts heat more uniformly over a variety of surfaces and is why this coating can be seen underneath pots and pans.

Snake people possess the unique ability to aid in others growth. These reptiles are infinitely adaptable to their environment and are highly sexual beings.  They're also acutely sensitive to touch and vibrations, partly because they are cold-blooded and use their environment for warmth. Because snakes sport a prickly outer skin, people tend to not want to become too close.  Once others realize the outer skin is only self-protection for their inner sensitivity, dothey develop a closer relationship with Snake.

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Lorraine Valente
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  1. I was born under this moon and have snake as one of my totems. Thats why I choose the name Vipera Kernewes - Cornish Viper.

    Nice post, thanks.


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