Sunday, August 15, 2010

☆♥*♥☆ Praying Mantis Wisdom ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Hi Everyone,

Praying Mantis
Today, as I watered some potted plants outside, a very long, green, twig-like praying mantis sat perfectly still on a green/burgandy-colored leaf!  Only a couple of days ago I found a "Leaf Insect" on the car. Of course, I ran into the house to retreive my camera and snap a photo for you~!

The Praying Mantis remains perfectly still and has adapted to its environment by changing its color as a form of self defense.

Praying mantis’ are related to grasshoppers and crickets, belonging to a family of insects called orthoptera. It is extremely beneficial to gardens and humans because of its penchant for eating the bugs we don't want. They will eat mites, aphids and most other insects that are within the grasp of their front legs.

If Praying Mantis appears in your life, it might indicate a need to focus on yourself, meditate, pause, and be still.  Self-reflection is important. It is within the stillness  you reap the greatest rewards and enhance creativity. It is also a reminder to blend within the environment.  Camouflage your intentions and activities. Someone may be observing you. Be aware of and in touch with your intuition. Pay close attention to "signs" and synchronous events.

With Mercury backing up (retrograde) Friday in discerning Virgo, praying-mantis reinforces its message and bestows ideal wisdom.

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Lorraine Valente

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  1. Hi Eileen,

    You're welcome! I'm glad praying mantis resonated with you. Interestingly, he/she is still sitting on the same plant! :-)


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