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☆♥*♥☆ Happy Birthday Virgo ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Happy Birthday Virgo the Virgin! to those born between August 23~September 22!

Key Phrase for Virgo is “I Analyze” 

Nature is: Barren

Mercury rules the sign of Virgo and Gemini and generally presdisposes the individual toward a high-strung temperament, even though they may appear rather reserved.  Virgo symbolizes how information is processed, analyzed, and digested, the mental faculties.  Virgo resides in the 6th house of the natural zodiac. The 6th house demonstrates day-to-day work, being of service to others, aunts and uncles, small pets, people who work for or report to you, and health issues.

Virgo’s can be rather discriminating, conscientiousness, perfectionist, preoccupied with order and neatness, and possibly critical. The Virgin easily adheres to routine tasks and is known for the ability to assimilate, analyze, and categorize facts. The Virgin represents purity, logic, modesty and the desire to serve. This mutable (changeable) earth (grounded) sign is one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac and is rather fond of all that implies. If you want to get the job done on time and exactly right the first time around, hire a Virgo. Virgo’s love to help, and being of service to another is their greatest joy. Virgo’s possess a strong desire to be of service to others.

Virgo is generally health conscious. Diet and nutrition is important, and if food doesn't "look" good or smell just right, it won't be eaten! Virgo's have the ability to sustain effort doing the same task over and over again.  Therefore, working out, athletics, and exercise isn't a problem for this sign.  Virgo is also associated with the large and small intestines, the nervous system and the solar plexus energy center.  On the physical plane, the solar plexus is the 3rd chakra, corresponding to the color yellow, and to the stomach, liver, small intestine, bloodsugar, and digestion. Food allergies, colitis, constipation, gastrointestinal problems, hypochondria, stress-related ulcers and other allergic reactions are possible. On a mental-emotional energy level, the solar plexus corresponds to ones beliefs, balancing your will with the will of others, details, efficiency, perfectionism, and criticism.

Virgo’s polar opposite (6th house~work, people who work for you, aunts and uncles,  and small pets) is the mutable, water sign Pisces (12th house~hospitals, institutions, unconscious, dream life, charities and compassionate service). Work, service, practical details, swimming illusive fantasies and denial, music, the unconscious, dreams are some areas of life for Virgo, also contingent upon other areas of the birth chart. When under stress each sign will operate through the most negative characteristics of their polar opposite, the sign 180 degrees opposite itself. When under stress, Virgo becomes wishy-washy, self sacrificing, indecisive, hypercritical of self and others, and very impractical and disorganized, like emotional, self-effacing Pisces, ruled by dreamy Neptune. Healthy boundaries are a must to protect the Self from others who take advantage of  Virgo/Pisces. Soaking in Epsom Salt cleanses the aura from sticky negativity from others.
If you have your…

Moon in Virgo: Emotionally cautious and discriminating. Sometimes judgmental, usually reserved and organized. “everything in it’s place”. Perfectionism, method and also professionalism is symbolic of this moon’s needs. A certain level of emotional detachment is likened to this moon placement.

Mercury in Virgo: You have an analytical mind yet can be very creative. Because you like facts, you have a need to hear all sides and collect all the information possible before coming to a decision.

Venus in Virgo: Values a partner who is health conscious, refined and loyal. In love you want to be made to feel special and appreciate you for things you do. You are loyal and devoted yet may prefer to give your love to a cause rather than to one individual.

Mars in Virgo: The passion of Mars in Virgo should not be underestimated yet they are often simmering under a cool exterior. Determination and perfection for detail in your work is likely.

Favorite Virgo’s...

Astrologer/Writer Lynn Koiner~August 30th, Actor Richard Gere~August 31st, Astrologer/Psychoanalyst Liz Greene~September 4th, Agatha Christie, Murder Mystery Writer~September 15th, B.B. King, Blues Guitarist~September 16th, Actress Greta Garbo~September 18th, Sophia Loren, Actress~September 20th.

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Lorraine Valente

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