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☆♥*♥☆ Pallas Athene~Warrior Goddess ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Pallas Athene, Minerva (Roman), the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, sprang from Zeus’s (Jupiter) head fully formed and cloaked in armor. She symbolizes a woman with the intellect of a man. Because she was borne of man and not woman she is symbolic of a “Uranian” type of matriarchal energy.

She was well liked, resourceful, and earned the trust of others, especially men. Although a warrior goddess, she is peaceful in her strength and wisdom. She also represents justice, righteousness, and the tendency to fight for the underdog. Her inner courage enables and protects her in surviving battles. She enjoys competition and possesses skill in most sport. Her association with the Owl, symbolic of inner wisdom and special visual perception, is well deserved. She is “Joan of Arc”, the stereotypical creative, intelligent woman with an abundance of inner strength. Joan of Arc had Pallas conjunct Uranus in her natal chart, Albert Einstein's Pallas conjunct his tenth house Saturn in Aries, prominant psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud had Pallas conjunct Pluto in the sixth house, John Lennon's Pallas was conjunct his Libra Sun, and Farrah Fawcett had Pallas conjunct her Sun in the eighth house.

In the natal chart, she is symbolic of the way a woman makes her way in a "man’s world". She symbolizes a woman’s relationship with her father. In her wisdom, she also had the role of counselor to her father. This symbolism is applicable in the way she treats males in general and in her relationship with them. Men with a strong Pallas need to stand up for their rights, especially in personal and intimate relationships.

Pallas possesses an intellectual, war-like nature. She was credited with inventing weaving, the potter’s wheel, spinning, needlework, and was associated with navigation, precision, mediation, political activism, counseling, diplomacy, visual arts, musical instruments, agriculture, and especially the olive tree (Lehman, 1988). Olive flower essence restores energy when you are physically and “mentally” exhausted.

Her ability to plan strategies, and carry out those plans utilizing unique systems and concepts is her strength. In the birth chart, she is an indicator of intelligence and particular style of perception. Although perceived to be somber and serious, she is strong and takes decisive action and never whines or complains.

Pallas is also symbolic of the mind/body connection and the healing arts in general. Flashes of insight, acute pattern perception, foresight, creative genius and physically creating works of art are indicative of a prominently placed Pallas.

Pallas may be associated with androgyny. Some astrologers point to her in charts of bisexuality or lesbianism because she has the unique ability to express both feminine and masculine perceptions. It's more likely that her intellect and perceptions differ from the "stereotypical" female resulting in societal judgments. While the way we sex others and the type of sex we enjoy is expressed in the birth chart, gender and sexual orientation is not.

Negatively, Pallas could identify with men more than with women resulting in losing her femininity. Since she wore a protective suit of armor to ease into a man’s world, this "armor" could symbolize defense mechanisms such as intellectualizing and rationalizing situations to place distance between the Self and others so as to not experience feelings and pain, deeply rooted in the feminine experience.

Interestingly, while Pallas was respected and admired by men she was never quite validated by them as a woman. Her physical and intellectual qualities threatened many males. Her creative abilities and intellect were not considered to be “feminine” traits desirable in attracting men, even though she was quite attractive in appearance. Most daughters/women are taught to play dumb.  They are conditioned by society that women should repress their creative expression to avoid rejection from men. This is changing as younger generations of men prefer and seek intelligence and equality (as well as attractiveness) in a partner.

A modern day Pallas Athene is a woman of the New Age, unwilling to compromise any part of whom she is to be in a relationship. Equality is her goal in relationships which is why Pallas is also linked to the partnership sign of Libra.

With Pallas’ association with Uranus and Aquarius, her prominence in your chart indicate how you, if you’re a woman, operate in a “man’s” world, and if you’re a man, how you operate in a “woman’s” world. It is also symbolic of how you place aside your sexual nature in order to relate platonically to the opposite sex, either in a business or friendship.

Lehman, L. J. (1988).  The Ultimate Asteroid Book. PA: Whitford Press.

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Lorraine Valente
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