Tuesday, July 19, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ Strength #8~Leo ☆♥*♥☆

In the Tarot, card #8  is symbolic of Leo. This card presents a lovely, peaceful, generous (naked in some decks) woman standing, gracefully bowing over a Lion. She strokes his regal mane and he appears to be purring like a little kitten!  The Lion is fearless and trusting.  The King of the Jungle may be tamed if you stroke his fur (ego) in the right direction. Have you ever pet a real kitty’s fur in the wrong direction? They look at you in such a way as to imply “How dare you!” “I am the King or Queen and I expect to be treated so!”  Puleeeeese do not fluff my fur in the wrong direction.

The Strength card represents unadulterated strength, determination, and power. However, this card presents a gentle woman, unarmed and without protective armor (unlike the Chariot in card #7 which is “outer strength and will”). She overcomes the lion with her quiet strength; power emanating from within. Strength is symbolic of the inner power of the human spirit to overcome crises, blocks, and obstacles.

Often reflective of calming the beast within, Strength symbolizes psychotherapy. Card number 8, which is essentially female, aligns her intuition to keep the lion (our unconscious desires) calm and in control. The lion in this card is also symbolic of courage to encounter powerful forces, placing fear aside, and to claim our own power.

When Strength appears in a reading, creative thinking, speaking with honesty and truthfulness are combined to promote the ego and ethical behavior. Taming passions, courage, determination, generosity, and having an open heart are indicated.

Negatively (reverse), domination, lack of control, wasting time, and self indulgence may be possibilities.

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