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☆♥*♥☆ Happy Birthday Leo ☆♥*♥☆

Happy Birthday Leo♌~!
For those born between July 22~Aug 23rd.
Key Phrase is: I ROAR....ooops...only teasing... I WILL 

Applause, applause!! Leo’s love an audience and usually position themselves to be the center of attention. They have a keen need to feel appreciated and accomplish something in life they feel proud of. Leo♌ is a masculine, fixed (steady and determined), fire (intuitive, fiery) sign located in the 2nd quadrant (other oriented and inter-personal)  Western Hemisphere of the chart. Because Leo resides in the 5th house ruled by the Sun, our life force, ego ideal, the future, children, creativity, and romance are most important to Leo♌. Leo loves romance and shine brightly in most relationships…so long as they are viewed as “King”.

Leo's may be incredibly charming and possess a fun, child-like carefree attitude. Leo is recognized by their charismatic presence and a great big smile. When Leo enters a room, people take notice! Leo is also known for a warm hearted and affectionate nature. Naturally self expressive, Leo is the drama Queen or King of the zodiac and also King of the Jungle!! (or Queen of the office or hearth!) The luminary ruling Leo is our life giving Sun. The Sun shines brightly during the day sky with our Moon goddess absorbing his light to reflect back in the evening, once the Sun has disappeared from view. The glyph/symbol for the sign of Leo♌ is associated with kundalini energy. Kundalini is coiled at the base of the spine and is our vital energy.
Lioness photo taken at the Tiger Reserve~Harbin, China
Leo♌ rules the spine, back, and heart. The heart is associated with emotions and love, and Leo’s can be absolutely devoted to those they love. The heart chakra is the life force and where harmony and trust reside. When the heart chakra is “open” there is flexibility to give and receive love. Being open to change and accepting of new ideas leads to personal growth. When feeling hurt, Leo retreats to their “cave” to lick their wounds, in private. When the heart chakra is closed or off balance, the ability to receive or give love is compromised. Count to ten and practice deep breathing. Individuals with the Ascendant in Leo and/or planets in the 5th house may exhibit some of these personality characteristics.
Leo’s polar opposite (5th house~romance, children, creativity, gambling) is the fixed, air sign Aquarius (11th house~friendships, organizations, associations, hopes, and wishes). Integrating romance, children, and creative outlets with independence, individuality, friendships, and associations are concerns for Leo♌, also contingent upon other areas of the birth chart.

When under stress each sign operates through the most negative characteristics of their polar opposite; the sign 180 degrees opposite itself. When under stress, Leo♌ may become erratic, unpredictable, and extremely willful and can not be tied down at all, similiar to airy Aquarius, the water bearer, ruled by iconoclast Uranus. Aquarians seem distant or cool because they are air and tend to “think”or intellectualize emotions. When under stress, Leo♌ will toss whatever is troubling them over the shoulder and say, "I simply don't need this!" While this may be an emotional issue, it is more likely concerning a relationship or romantic partner.

Since Leo is a "Lion", let's celebrate Leo♌ as symbol for all cats, large and small. If you properly stroke or caress Leo (grooming fur in one direction) Leo will purrrrrrr… When cat’s purr they express contentment. They don't want their fur fluffed in the wrong direction though! Beware. They'll swipe you with a clawed-extended paw! Lions are very protective of their cubs (children). If Leo is prominent in your chart, children (your cubs) are your lifeline.

The sound of a cat purring is soothing and healing. You might enjoy the article "A Cats Purr" at this site: Cats are natural Reiki Masters and Massage Therapists. Simply watch any kitty “kneed” a pillow, your arm, any soft spot on your body or your other cat!

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Lorraine Valente

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