Sunday, July 3, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ July's Cosmic Events ☆♥*♥☆

Dear Cosmic Cohorts....

Here's the rundown on cosmic events for the month of July.....

7/1: New Moon Solar Eclipse 9 Cancer♋~Make a Wish, Blow a *Kiss* to the Universe!

7/2: Mercury ---> Leo, Moon---> Leo♌, Sun☉ square Saturn♄ requires discipline, sometimes frustrated efforts.

7/3: Moon☽ trines Uranus♅ and Jupiter♃, then sextiles Mars♂ and Saturn♄.

7/4: Happy Independence Day~! Venus♀ ---> Cancer♋, trines dreamy Neptune for lunch, Mercury☿ trines Uranus enhacing intuition.  Moon☽ opposes Neptune, is confused.

7/5: Mercury☿ square Jupiter♃ = the glib tongue, speak the truth.

7/6: Moon☽ ---> Libra♎, Mars trines Saturn♄.

7/7: Jupiter♃, trines Pluto♇, Moon sextiles Mercury☿, Venus♀ squares Uranus♅.

7/8: Moon☽square Sun☉, Venus♀ opposes Pluto♇ = Relating is intense, passionate, and may be complicated.

7/9: Uranus♅ turns retrograde (rx) 4 Aries 33' through October 10, 2011, stations direct at 00 Aries♈ 38.  Venus sextiles* Jupiter♃, Mercury☿, sextiles* Saturn♄.= pleasurable interactions, ease of communication.

7/10:  Scorpio♏ Moon trines Sun☉, early am = early activities enjoyable.

7/11: Moon☽ ---> fesity, firey Sagittarius♐, Mercury☿ in Leo♌, sextiles Gemini♊ Mars = communication is witty and exhuberant.

7/13: Moon☽ ---> serious Capricorn♑, Venus squares its ruler, Saturn as we sleep. Emotions less intense after 9pm.

7/15:  Full Moon 22 Capricorn♑ 28', a culmination of energy affecting Capricorn♑, Cancer, Aries♈, Libra.

7/18: Moon☽ ----> illusive, dreamy Pisces♓.

7/20: Moon☽ ----> firey, assertive Aries♈, conjuncts Uranus 9:30 EDT = exitable emotions.

7/23: Sun☉ ---> Leo♌, quincunx Neptune♆; Moon ----> Venus-ruled, sensual Taurus♉.

7/25: Moon☽ ----> Gemini, squares Mercury☿ & Neptune♆ = confusion, fuzzy thinking.

7/27: Moon☽ ----> Cancer♋, it's comfortable shell/home; Sun☉trines Uranus = ease of self expression.

7/28: Venus ---> Leo♌, Mercury☿---> practical, methodical Virgo♍; Venus quincunx Neptune♆ = possible deception in love. 3 days before the New Moon is the Balsamic Phase~Wishing Moon.

7/29: Mercury☿ opposes Neptune♆ = inability to see the truth, pulling wool over another's eyes, lack of clarity.

7/30: Moon☽ ----> warm, dramatic Leo♌, New Moon 2:40pm EDT ~ Make a Wish, Blow a *Kiss* to the Universe~!

Happy Independence Day!  Remember to Drive Safely; Do Not TXT while Driving!

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