Friday, July 1, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ Planetary Cancer☆♥*♥☆

If you have your…

Ascendant in Cancer: Others see you as warm, caring, home loving, sensitive, kind, and maternal.  Your intuition is strong and reliable yet may be moody from time to time.  Your expressive face may be round or moon-shaped with large, soft smiling eyes. There may be a tendency to gain weight around the middle in later years.  Women with this placement are often full-breasted.

Moon☽ in Cancer: Mother was often seen as the proverbial “mother”, preparing meals, washing clothes and performing perfunctory household tasks. Her emotions waxed and waned and were intuitively felt by you. There is an emotional need to retreat when under stress and to be nurtured and mothered. There exists an emotional need to care for children. You are imaginative, sympathetic, protective, possessive, refined, gentle, receptive, moody, critical and loyal. This is an impressionable Moon position.

Mercury in Cancer: You are intuitive and prefer to discuss your feelings in conversation. Changing thoughts creates changing moods and visa versa. Possess a keen imagination and an excellent, retentive memory.

Venus in Cancer: Values security in love. You want to be pursued by a partner in a relationship because you require reassurance that your partner wants you enough to go after you. You are a romantic, sentimental and sensitive partner. Poetry. Loves to care about and for children and cooking. Content to stay home.  Attracted to a nurturing partner.

Mars in Cancer: Desires security in a partner. You can be willful and react with emotional outbursts and temper tantrums. Carpenters and home improvement specialists. Nurturing professions. Chefs. The sexual act depends upon the “mood” and this will change like the phases of the moon. Passion is contingent upon what is received from the partner.

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