Wednesday, December 1, 2010

☆♥*♥☆ December's Cosmic Events ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Hi Everyone,

We've been experiencing some bizarre east coast weather.  This morning it was a balmy 59 degrees, rainy and windy in New Jersey while a friend in Arizona said it was 41 degrees!  Currently it's 37 with gusty winds. 

December's transits involve a few cosmic energy shifts.  The Sun and Mars enter hard working, earthy Capricorn. Mars triggers June's Eclipse, then Mercury retrogrades, also triggering the same June Lunar Eclipse 4+ degree Capricorn/Cancer, then turns direct after Christmas and before New Years.  Do you have any natal or progressed planets, midpoints or asteroids between 3-7 degrees?

The December 21 Lunar Eclipse shows Mercury at 26 degrees Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center!  The Sun is on the last degree of Sadge. It forms a grand square with Juno 26 Virgo, Hades/Out-of-Bounds (OOB) Moon 29 Gemini, and Jupiter Uranus, 25/26 degrees Pisces.  The December 21st Lunar Eclipse on the 29th degree of Gemini~Salesmanship, humor, youthfulness. Unexpected communications are likely.

Something powerful is happening during the Eclipse~Check out the midpoints to Pluto~!
  • Pluto/Eros=Sun/Mars *emphasis/strength*
  • Pluto/Eros=Mars/Pallas *powerful strategy~!*
  • Pluto/Eros=Venus/Neptune *yummy*
  • Pluto/Eros=Venus/Chiron *sigh*
  • Pluto/Eros=Jupiter/Saturn *effort pays off*
Lunar Eclipses are deeply personal, emotionally challenging or illuminating, the energy of which may last up to 6 months.

December 2: Happy Chanukah, to those who celebrate.
December 5: New Moon 13+ degrees Sagittarius, Uranus Direct
December 7: Mars OOB ----> Capricorn, Islamic New Year
December 8: Venus sextiles Pluto, sweet, sexy whispers~stay in bed a little longer :)
December 10: Mercury rx 5 degrees Capricorn 54' ~December 30th, direct at 19 Sagittarius
December 13:Mercury conjunct Pluto, Mercury conjunct Mars, & Mars conjunct Pluto, Transiting Mars OOB conjunct June's Eclipse point at 4 degrees Capricorn/Cancer.
December 16: Sun squares Jupiter, optimistic self expression, overindulgence.
December 18: Mercury ----> Sagittarius, Sun sextiles Neptune and squares Uranus.
December 20: Mercury square Uranus, flashes of insight, restless mind, think twice before speaking.
December 21: Winter Solstice, Sun ---> Capricorn, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 29 Gemini conjunct Hades, Mercury sextiles Neptune then squares Jupiter.
December 24: Christmas Eve ~not a creature was stirring~not even a mouse....
December 25: Christmas Day~Merry Christmas to those who celebrate~!
December 26: Kwanzaa begins.
December 29: Mars squares Saturn with a Scorpio Moon~Patience is the word of the day.
December 30: Mercury direct  2:21am EDT---> 19 Sagittarius 54'
December 31: New Year's Eve~Happy New Year~!  With a fun~loving Sagittarius Moon

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Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Lorraine Valente

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