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☆♥*♥☆ Chiron ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

CHIRON: The Wounded Healer, Centaur, Half Man-Horse, Teacher, Mentor, Eternal, Wisdom, Seeker, Maverick, Bizarre Reversals, Marriage indicator, Ankles, Calves, Spasms.

MYTH: The centaurs of Greek mythology are creatures that are part human and part horse. They are usually portrayed with the torso and head of a human, and the body of a horse. Centaurs are the followers of the wine god Dionysus and are well known for drunkenness and carrying off helpless young maidens. They inhabited Mount Pelion in Thessaly, northern Greece. According to one myth, they are the offspring of Ixion, the king of Lapithae (Thessaly), and a cloud. He had arranged a tryst with Hera, but Zeus got wind of it and fashioned a cloud into Hera's shape. Therefore, the Centaurs are sometimes called Ixionidae. Centaurs are notorious for their bestial behavior on the wedding of Pirithous, king of the Lapiths. They violated the female guests and attempted to abduct the bride. What followed was a bloody battle, after which they were driven from Thessaly. An exception was the kind and wise centaur Chiron, the teacher of the Greek heroes Jason and Achilles.

Chiron was born a centaur and his mother rejected him. His parents Hera & Zeus were repulsed by their new son’s image and abandoned him. Chiron’s first wound was psychological ~ one of abandonment, rejection, and a perpetual longing for the love and “relationship” to his parents, especially that of his mother.

Later, Chiron’s physical wound was in his foot, ankle, inner calf and thigh, injured by a poison arrow, affecting his mobility. Sagittarians (horses) need lots of freedom to roam around. When that freedom is restricted or there is a “perceived” threat to loss of freedom then Chiron/Sagittarius really feels wounded. There can’t be anything worse than being trapped in a physical body that doesn’t feel right or possess the inability to fully express its wants and desires. As a result, Chiron spent much time in his cave studying the Stars, medicine, spirituality, mathematics and music. He utilized these disciplines to heal others and, in turn, heal himself; hence, the Wounded Healer archetype. The astrological glyph or symbol for the sign of Sagittarius is just that; a Centaur holding a bow and arrow pointed to the heavens, and into the distance. Healing the first psychic wound coupled with the physical wound symbolizes the mind, body, spirit connection. Alternative and holistic methods of healing are suggested, particularly chiropractic which became widespread after Chiron's discovery on November 1, 1977.

One of Chiron’s life lessons is relinquishing painful memories from childhood. Because Chiron is immortal, his pain and suffering is eternal. Much of his pain was of his own making. When we are able to heal our primary wound (s) in life, we are usually able to offer that experience to assist others with similar woundedness., and, in turn, heal our self. That is if we choose this path. Oftentimes, people can be in so much emotional pain and turmoil, or have not forgiven their parents, others or themselves, they choose to harm others as a projection of their own unmet needs. A vicious, repetitive cycle ensues and an attraction to others to play out ones life dramas or create a crisis of experience is drawn.

As Chiron matured, he became quite the wise teacher (Sagittarius/Jupiter) Shaman and Healer. The placement of Chiron in the chart shows your deepest wound by house position. Aspects it makes to other planets, and house cusps (the divisions of the signs) in your birth chart offers additional expression. This is also the place to find your greatest strengths, ability to heal others, and where you're able to exert or project this knowledge out into the environment. Aspects Chiron makes with other planets and asteroids provides additional clues and messages.

Chiron connections are very significant in synastry. Synastry is the comparison of two birth charts that shows compatibility and relationship dynamics with another individual. When people enter into relationships where there is a strong Chiron connection, the relationship takes on a fated quality. Research has confirmed Chiron as a marriage or partnership indicator. Bizarre reversals and adjustments in relationships or between the charts of individuals are also possible. However, relationships indicated by Chiron are usually not easy at first. The difficulties inherent in Chironic relationships must be overcome for the personal growth of both individuals. That is the true test of Chiron’s placement in relationships.

Tell me that we belong together,
Dress it up with the trappings of love.
I'll be captivated,
I'll hang from your lips,
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above.
I'll be your crying shoulder,
I'll be love's suicide
I'll be better when I'm older,
I'll be the greatest fan of your life.
- I'll Be by Edwin McCain

According to Melanie Reinhart’s publication Chiron: The Healing Journey, Chiron has been described as the link between the Inner and Outer Planets and it is the identification of the Chironian issues in ones life that assists with linking Inner and Outer Planets and thus the integration of the Soul and Personality.
In psychological terms, Chiron is the Inner Teacher to whom we owe our allegiance. The cluster of astrological ingredients surrounding it may symbolize the tests, disciplines and ordeals which unfold under the tutelage of this Inner Teacher, whose path is Life itself, whether or not this includes following a particular spiritual tradition. Major crises of learning experiences can be reflected by any factor in the horoscope, but they are likely to be interpreted and processed in a manner congruent with the Chiron configuration. We also have to remember that Chiron represents the Wound/The Wounder/The Healer in the chart. 

Some will be more sensitive to Chiron’s energies than others. According to Melanie Reinhardt, if there are one or more of the conditions below, Chiron may be considered focal in a particular horoscope; in this person’s life Chironian themes may be dominant and will be strongly activated when any outer planet transits part of the Chiron configuration.

(a) Chiron conjunct any of the Angles

(b) Chiron conjunct or square the Moons Nodes

(c) Chiron aspecting many planets, especially if the Sun, Moon and/or Asc Ruler are among them

(d) Chiron as a focal point according to the shape of the chart .  For examples: as handle of a "bucket shaped chart", or as the leading planet of a "bowl shaped" chart, or in the middle of a stellium, or the Apex of a Yod, or in hard aspect to the midpoint within an empty hemisphere or quadrant.

(e) Sagittarius or Virgo on the MC or ASC.

(f) Chiron in either Sagittarius or Virgo.

(g) A stellium of Planets in Sagittarius or Virgo.

When we add the quality of the Sign in which Chiron is placed, it fills out this description and suggests a "way of being" which supports us in the area of life represented by Chiron’s house, according to Reinhardt. Chiron’s sign position may also show how we seek to protect ourselves from our inner pain, and what we draw on to try to deal with an area of our life which may be blocked. Also, the sign may provide a kind of bandage over our wound (as expressed by Chiron’s house position) and this bandage is often forcibly removed during a strong Chiron transit.

By examining the Chiron configuration, as well as looking into the psychological process and events coinciding with the Chiron cycle in our life, we may be able to assist the healing process by focusing and getting really clear about what's happening, and also of the purpose behind the suffering or crisis.

At present, Chiron is transiting Aquarius, side by side with Neptune enhancing intuition and psychic sensitivities guiding others to adopt spiritual values. Working with the personal issues that Chiron represents in our horoscope provides a means of grounding ourselves in our humanity and also defining our unique contribution to this transition in which we are all participating in at this time.

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Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Lorraine Valente


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