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☆♥*♥☆ Happy Birthday Capricorn ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Happy Birthday Capricorn the Sea Goat!
Those born from December 22~ January 21!
Key Phrase for Capricorn is “I Utilize

Capricorn is a Cardinal (action oriented, initiator), earth (pragmatic and grounded) sign located in the Eastern Hemisphere of the chart. Capricorn governs the 10th house of the natural zodiac. Capricorns are considered the workaholics of the zodiac. Saturn-ruled Capricorn expects nothing less from us lest he's willing to do himself. Capricorns are dutiful, reliable, and steady. As children Capricorns were the kids everyone relied upon, the leader offering guidance and wisdom beyond their years. Capricorns are said to be old before their time, wise beyond their years, and very mature. However, they tend to act and appear younger with each passing year, perhaps making up for all that lost time! Capricorn relates to the skin, bones/skeletal system, knees and arthritis…illnesses where inflexibility or rigidity settles in the body.

The ruling planet is restrictive, disciplined and structured Saturn. In traditional astrology, Saturn is considered a malefic planet and tends to operate through fear. Saturn is thrifty, tactful, disciplined, stern, cold and severe. Saturn transits usually entails some form of limitation to the area of life in which the transit occurs. Frustration and hard work is expected from Saturn. If you meet Saturn's challenges and work with his energy, wisdom and benefits are earned resulting from your perseverance. Decisions are made or finalized during Saturn transits. On the positive side, when self-disciplined and self-directed at a task, accomplishment and financial gain is your “Saturnian” reward. If  Saturn is prominant in your chart, you may be drawn to antiques, ruins, ancient times and even collecting old objects of substance and worth.

Saturn~Nasa website
 Saturn and  Capricorn reside in the 10th house, at the cusp of  the MC or Medium Coeli. The 10th house is typically linked to structures, real estate, public reputation and work in society, timing, cycles and wisdom earned as a result of difficult tasks. The 10th house, the ruler of the 10th, and planets in the 10th are also symbolic of the mother, traditionally, or often the parent who was most influential in early life. Saturn is a tough teacher and taskmaster. He sets limits, boundaries and obstacles to overcome. Depending on how well we do, he may grant a “reward” or payoff for persevering. In Karmic Astrology, Saturn plays an important role and represents cycles of time. When in a “karmic” relationship, there may experience intense a feelings, a lack of control over the events and circumstances within the relationship. Through these circumstances and events, a new self-awareness develops, a new perspective and understanding of the person involved and also how we relate to the environment. Saturn sometimes present us with someone approximately 7, 14, 21 years older or younger than ourselves. “When the student is ready, the teacher (Saturn) will appear.” Some karmic relationship dynamics are teacher/student, parent/child or counselor/patient. There's something which must be taught, and something that needs to be learned and understood…by both participants. Saturn is considered the glue between individuals and astrologers want to see at least one Saturn contact from each partner connected to a plant in the partner's chart. If one individual provides the important Saturn connections to a partner, while the partner has few or none, that partner may not feel as connected or committed to the relationship as the individual with the majority of Saturn contacts. Saturn contacts in synastry (chart comparison)  usually augurs a lasting and binding relationship, although it may not always be an easy one.

Martin Schulman, in his wonderful Karmic Astrology series states: “Every time our unconscious is working something out, it calls into our lives the people who have within the pieces of the answer we are seeking.” What he means is that you may find that a certain type of person or situation repeatedly enters your life. Just as you end a relationship with one person with a particular problem, another enters your life, often disguised, with a similar problem! (that is if you haven’t worked through and learned your lesson from before) Sometimes the Universe offers this situation or person as a “test” to see how much you have learned from your last similar experience. Or…you may consequentively meet several people with the same Sun, Moon or similar aspects. There is something the Universe is pointing towards and you must pay attention to what is being presented as an important learning experience. This is Saturn~ the wise teacher and why others often consult Capricorn’s for their cut to the chase advice.

Capricorn’s polar opposite (10th house~public reputation, real estate, business affairs, power, credit, profession and the Mother) is cardinal, water Cancer (4th house~ home, family, children, the past and root in early childhood). Career versus home, working and family are issues frequently in conflict for Capricorns, also contingent upon other areas of the birth chart. When under stress, each sign operates through the most negative characteristics of their polar opposite, the sign 180 degrees opposite itself. In this case, when under stress, Capricorn adopts characterisitics of emotional Cancer, ruled by the Moon and may become emotionally distraught, moody and temperamental, withdrawing, crawling into its shell for self-nurturing, distance and comfort.

During Saturn transits or if Saturn is prominent in your chart, you may experience restrictions, boundary issues, and extra responsibilities. Hard work and a busy routine is certainly on the horizon.

Famous Capricorns: Happy Birthday to Rudyard Kipling, British Nobel Prize-winning Poet, December 30th, Henri Matisse, French Painter, and Actor Anthony Hopkins December 31st, American Flag Seamstress Betsy Ross, January 1st, Sir Isaac Newton, British Mathematician, January 4th, Alvin Ailey, NY Dance Company founder, January 5th, Astrologer/Astronomer Johannes Kepler, January 6th, Singers/Performers Elvis Presley and David Bowie, January 8th and Howard Stern, Radio Personality, January 12th.

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Lorraine Valente
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