Thursday, September 1, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ September's Cosmic Events ☆♥*♥☆

Dear Cosmic Cohorts,

The month of September looks a teensy brighter than August did.  I hope everyone on the East Coast survived Hurricane Irene without too much damage.

9/1: Moon☽ ---> intensely secretive, Scorpio♏, kisses/trines dreamy, illusive Neptune then sextiles * transformative Pluto♇.
9/2: Scorpio♏ Moon sextiles Venus♀, then trines Jupiter last evening.
9/3: Moon☽ ---> Sagittarius
9/5: Labor Day in the United States, Moon☽ ---> austere, disciplined Capricorn.
9/7: Moon☽ squares Saturn♄ while asleep on the East Coast, trines Venus♀ during lunch and opposes Mars♂ at 4:35pm.  Drive safetly to those leaving your place of employment duringthis time.
9/8: Moon☽ ---> unpredictable Aquarius, Mercury☿ opposite Neptune = delusional, unclear, wait for another day to make important decisions.
9/9: Mercury ---> earthly, perfectionist Virgo♍.
9/10: Moon☽ ---> sacrificial Pisces♓ .
9/11: Let There Be Peace☮ on Earth ~ Peace and Healing those lost on September 11 ~Namaste', Venus♀ sextiles* Mars♂ , Mercury☿ quincunx Uranus♅ early am Eastern time.
9/12:  Full Pisces Moon 19 degrees, 5:27am Eastern Time then Moon is void (VOC) at 9:45pm.  Mercury trines Pluto♇ providing intensity of focus.
9/14: Venus♀---> her home sign of Libra, Mercury☿ trines Jupiter = communication flows.
9/15: Moon☽ ---> warm, earthy, Taurus.
9/16: Pluto♇ stations direct 04 Capricorn 17'
9/17: Venus♀ opposes Uranus♅ = unexpected attractions, repulsions.
9/18: Moon☽ ---> curious Gemini, Mars♂ ---> proud Leo, Venus♀ squares Pluto♇ = attitudes about money/relationship values may change or be up for review. Power struggles.
9/20: Moon☽ ---> maternal Cancer, trines Neptune then squares Uranus♅ = illusive confusion,emotional agitation or aha intuition.
9/21: UN International Day of Peace☮ ~ Let There Be Peace☮ on Earth.
9/22: Moon☽ ---> demonstrative Leo♌.
9/23: Sun☉  ---> Libra♎ ~ Fall Equinox ~ Mabon, Mars♂ trines Uranus♅ = exercise self control or just go for a run!
9/25Mercury☿ ---> Venus♀-ruled Libra♎, Sun opposes Uranus♅ 8:15pm EDT. 3 days before the New Moon on September 27th is called the Balsamic Phase, or Wishing MoonMake a *Wish*, Blow a Kiss♥ to the Universe~! (c)
9/27: Moon☽ ---> Libra♎, New Moon = New Beginnings, plant your personal seeds of inspiration., Mercury opposes Uranus♅ while asleep.
9/28: Sun☉ squares Pluto♇while you're dressing for work, then Mercury☿ squares Pluto♇ = caution in communication, once you say or write it, you can't take it back!, Sun☉ conjuncts Mercury late afternoon.
9/29: Happy Rosh Hashanah to those who celebrate! Moon☽ --->Scorpio♏, Venus♀ conjuncts Saturn♄ 7:48pm EDT.
9/30: Sun☉ sextiles* Mars♂ = feeling eneregtic and great!, Mercury☿ qunicunx Jupiter♃ = something said may annoy you yet you're uncertain why.

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Thank you, and have a wonderful day! *

Lorraine Valente

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