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☆♥*♥☆ Planetary Libra♎ ☆♥*♥☆

If you have your…

Ascendant in Libra: Libra rising folks possess grace, poise, and charm and are usually quite attractive facially. One of their defining physical features is usually their well formed legs. They take pride in their attire, and care for their physical body.  Attractive to others, they are well liked. Mostly optimistic and sensitive, this Ascendant may be deeply hurt by others, yet not show it. Sometimes a bit outwardly aloof, people tend to not understand what is going on inside of you. Artistic and musically inclined, Libra rising excels in the social graces. Sometimes possessing an overly dependent nature on others and passive avoidance in decision making frustrates partners. At least four of my family members have a Libra on the Ascendant! ()

Moon in Libra: Moon in Libra individuals tend to possess a heightened awareness of people they come in contact with as well as keen perception of any environment. There is an emotional need for comfort and safety within immediate surroundings; it must be aesthetically pleases to the eye. The Libra Moon is charming and usually easy to live with because they possess the unique ability to smooth over even the most hostile situations. Libra Moon is intuitive, imaginative, and romantic.

Mercury in Libra: Here you have a rational mind weighing the pros and cons of every situation. You enjoy socializing yet are gentle in your approach. Libra Mercury prefers intellectual and creative individuals who spark your desire of debate.

Venus in Libra: Venus is comfortable is at home in Libra. This placement values a partner who is refined, charming and attractive. In love you are very romantic. Sometimes you may fall in love too easily. Venus in Libra is attracted to luxury and comforts in life and may be artistically inclined.

Mars in Libra: Mars in this sign is impulsive, idealistic, and sensual in pursuing their romantic desires, although they would rather be the one being pursued! Passion equals equity in this sign. You act with care in weighing every aspect of a situation, and energy fluctuates and vascillates.

Jupiter in Libra: Magnetism and charm grace this Jupiter position.  You desire partnership and marriage and tend to benefit from being in a commited relationship. 

Well known Libra’s: Jim Henson, Muppet Creator~September 24, George Gershwin, Composer~September 26, Sting, British Singer/Songwriter~October 2, Susan Sarandon, Actress~October 4, John Lennon, Song Writer/Musician~October 9, Luciano Pavarotti, Italian Tenor, Bela Lugosi, Horror Film Actor ~Dracula~October 20th, Dizzie Gillespie, Jazz Pioneer~October 21.

Where does Libra fall in your chart?  How have you experienced relationships with the Libra Perosnality?  Feel free to share your comments.

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