Sunday, August 21, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ Planetary Virgo♍ ☆♥*♥☆

If you have your…

in Virgo: Emotionally cautious and discriminating. Sometimes judgmental, usually reserved and organized. “everything in it’s place”. Perfectionism, method and also professionalism is symbolic of this moon’s needs. A certain level of emotional detachment is likened to this moon placement.

Mercury☿ in Virgo
: You have an analytical mind yet can be very creative. Because you like facts, you have a need to hear all sides and collect all the information possible before coming to a decision.

Venus in Virgo
: Values a partner who is health conscious, refined and kind. In love you want to be made to feel special and appreciated you for thoughtful things you do. You are loyal and devoted yet may prefer to give your love to a cause rather than to one individual.

Mars in Virgo
: The passion of Virgo Mars should not be underestimated as they're interest is often simmering under a cool exterior. Determination and perfection for detail in work is likely.

Well known Virgo’s...

Astrologer/Writer Lynn Koiner~August 30th, Actor Richard Gere~August 31st, Astrologer/Psychoanalyst Liz Greene~September 4th, Agatha Christie, Murder Mystery Writer~September 15th, B.B. King, Blues Guitarist~September 16th, Actress Greta Garbo~September 18th, Sophia Loren, Actress~September 20th.

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