Monday, August 1, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ August's Cosmic Events ☆♥*♥☆

Lot's of dynamic energy during August and Mercury☿ retrogrades tomorrow. More on that in another post.

8/1: Ramadan begins, Venus♀ trines Uranus= spontaneous attractions, Moon☽ ---> Virgo, Sun☉ squares Jupiter♃ is overly optimistic or unrealistic.

8/2: Mercury retrogrades (rx) at 01 Virgo 12 through August 26th , then stations direct sx, direct, at  18 Leo 45.

8/3: Mars♂ ---> emotional Cancer, Moon ---> LibraMars♂ trines illusive Neptune♆.  Moon sextiles* Venus♀ 6:57pm on the East Coast, a pleasurable date night aspect.

8/4: Neptune♆ ---> Aquarius♒, Mercury☿ sextiles* Mars♂ .

8/5: Moon☽ ---> Scorpio♏, Venus♀ squares Jupiter♃: watch over eating and spending.

8/7: Moon☽ ---> Sagittarius♐, Venus♀ sextiles* Saturn♄ late evening EDT.

8/8: Mercury☿ --->firey Leo then opposes illusive Neptune♆.  Not a good time to make decisions or meet a new date, delusional, not thinking clearly.

8/9: Moon☽ --->austere Capricorn♑, Mars♂ square Uranus♅ = a rebel without a cause, temper tantrums, exercise self control or just exercise!  Work off the nervous energy.

8/10: Moon☽ heavily aspected all day, an emotional roller coaster ie: squares Uranus♅, opposes Mars♂ conjuncts Pluto♇, trines Jupiter♃, squares Saturn♄ quincunx Venus♀.

8/11: Mars♂ opposite Pluto♇:  Walk off this energy, muscle tension, stretch, breathe, watch anger of self and others.  Caution driving as we approach a Full Moon on Saturday.

8/13: Full Moon 20 Aquarius♒ 41', kind hearted, humanitarian Full Moon, however, the level of intensity of aspects on the day beg otherwise.

8/14: Moon☽ ---> mystical Pisces♓

8/16: Mercury☿rx conjuncts Venus♀ 7:21pm EDT; return of the exes, discussion about what coulda, shoulda, might have been,  Sun☉ conjuncts Mercury☿, transiting Mars triggers the July 1 Solar Eclipse 9 degrees Cancer.

8/18: Mars♂ sextiles* Jupiter♃ = positive, easy flow of physical energy, favorable business decisions.

8/19: Moon☽ ---> sensual, earthy, sensitive Taurus♉.

8/21: Venus♀ ---> discriminating Virgo until September 21st, Moon☽ ---> communicative Gemini♊, Venus opposes Neptune♆ = idealistic in love relationships, possible disappointment or even deception.  Think twice about a new love interest, especially since Mercury is still moving backwards.

8/22: Sun☉ opposes Neptune♆ = sensitivity, immune system, clouded sense of self, others, not seeing others as they are. Confusion or deception, mystical experiences.

8/23: Sun☉ ---> earthy, practical Virgo♍.  More written on this later in the month.

8/24: Moon ---> intuitive Cancer♋.

8/25: Mars♂ squares Saturn♄ = frustrated efforts, take a time out, chill, Venus♀ trines Pluto♇ = enhanced sexual desire, strong love connections, intense attraction.

8/26: Mercury☿ ---> direct 6:03pm EDT. Mercury☿ stations direct, sx, direct, at 18 Leo 45

8/28: Moon☽ ---> Virgo♍, Moon☽ opposes Neptune♆ = dreamy, New Moon 5 Virgo 27, 11:04pm EDT.  3 days before the New Moon is the Balsamic Phase or "Wishing Moon".  Make a Wish, Blow a *Kiss* to the Universe!

8/29:  Moon☽ conjuncts Venus♀ early am, trines Jupiter♃then sextiles Mars♂ during dinner.  Easy flow of energy, productive.

8/30: Moon☽ ---> Libra♎, Jupiter♃ retrogrades 10 Taurus 21 until December 25th, turning direct at 00 Taurus.  Ramadan ends.  Venus♀ trines Jupiter♃early am EDT.

8/31:  Moon☽conjuncts Saturn♄ mid day, squares Mars♂ then sextiles Mercury late pm.

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