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☆♥*♥☆ Planetary Taurus ☆♥*♥☆

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Moon☽ in Taurus♉ This is a fortunate placement for the Moon. You are determined, trustworthy, patient, and resourceful. Affectionate and sensitive in love, you are warm and caring.  Some might consider you conservative yet that is because you take time before jumping into any fire. Sensual by nature, being touched and "feeling" is important to your emotional wellbeing.

Mercury☿ in Taurus♉ A prepared and practical mind serves you well.  Your memory retains information easily and you possess a retentive mind. Depending on aspects of Mercury, your voice is soothing and melodic.  Some say this Mercury placement is stubborn, yet it is more likely that Taurus has considered all other options and has already decided upon the best one. You are unlikely to change your mind once a decision has been made.

Venus ♀ in Taurus♉ Affectionate and romantic, you may be generous to a fault, readily buying the object of your affection flowers, candy, and expensive gifts. You're attracted to great food, music, art, and luxurious items, and value others who appreciate the same. This is a wonderful placement for Venus to attract love and money.

Mars ♂  in Taurus♉ Slow to warm up, once you decide upon a direction or develop an idea, you're unwavering pursuit is determined, persistent, and fearless.  This is a very earthy, passionate, possessive, sensual, and sexy placement for Mars.  Your sexuality is strong ans steady. The expression "keeping your eye on the prize" resonates with Mars in this sign.

Jupiter in Taurus♉ Luck is attained in the arts, travel, investments, writing, teaching, and collecting.  You may have an eye for seeing the value in things others discard, such as antiques or even ideas. You may also prefer a large comfortable, beautifully decorated home that satisfies your need for security and luxury.

Do you have any planets in Taurus?  Where does Taurus fall in your chart?

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