Thursday, April 14, 2011

☆♥*♥☆Frogs Return Moon ☆♥*♥☆

Frogs Return Moon (Beaver)

In Native American Astrology, those born from April 21~May 20th are born under the Frogs Return Moon and their animal totem is the Beaver. Their color is blue and their totem in the mineral kingdom is the chrysocolla, similar to the turquoise.

The chrysocolla ranges from green to blue green and sports a glassy luster. It is often used for adornment in the form of jewelry. It is considered to be of medicinal value that will bring health, lower infections and detroxify, offer peace, and luck to the wearer. It's also a gemstone used to attract "love".

The blue camas is a plant that was a staple food for the Native Americans in many parts of the United States. When the flower of the plant was in bloom they would dig up the bulb for food. Beaver people are conscious of beauty and practicality at the same time. The camas bulb contains insulin, a complex sugar. Blue camas was eaten regularly by Native people to keep the blood sugar level in balance.

Beaver people combine within themselves the powers of the Earth and Skies. It is important for Beaver people, who often remain too rooted in thoughts at the Earth level, to look up to the sky and to incorporate spiritual lessons offered there.

Beaver is the builder and doer of the animal kingdom. They have a strong sense of family. It is important for Beaver people to constantly grow towards their spirituality, as they will tend towards becoming stuck at the material level.

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