Saturday, April 30, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ May's Cosmic Events ☆♥*♥☆

Dear Cosmic Cohorts,☄

Here's the rundown for the month of May. (◠‿◠)

5/1: Beltane~Fertility & Rebirth, Mars♂conjunct☌Jupiter♃ = generosity of spirit

5/2: Moon ---> sensual Taurus

5/3: New Moon 12° Taurus 31', Neptune = Mars/Pluto = Jupiter/Pluto

5/4: Moon☽ ---> cerebral Gemini♊

5/5: Cinco de Mayo

5/6: Moon☽ ---> intuitive, sensitive Cancer, sextiles* Venus♀ , Mercury, Jupiter♃, Mars♂ then lastly trines Neptune♆ before midnight Eastern time.

5/8: Happy Mother's Day~!  Honoring the female who carried, then birthed you into the World.  Please give thanks to Earth Mother too.

5/9: Moon ---> Leo, Mercury conjunct☌Venus♀ = Self-expression enhanced.

5/10: Census Day (Canada)

5/11: Moon ---> practicalVirgo, Mars♂ --->Taurus, Venus♀  conjunct☌Jupiter♃= kindness, Mercury☿conjunct☌ Jupiter♃ = watch overindulgence, chatty, ideas flow.

5/12: Mars♂ sextiles* Neptune♆= Intuition, sensitivity.

5:13: Moon quincunx Jupiter, Mercury☿, Venus♀ , Neptune, & Mars♂, Moon opposes☍Uranus, squares Pluto♇= emotional irritations,change of heart.

5/15: Moon ---> intense Scorpio, Venus♀  --->Taurus, Mercury☿ --->Taurus = appreciation of beauty.

5/16: Mercury☿ conjuncts☌Venus♀ , Mercury☿, Venus♀  sextiles* Neptune♆= imagination, fantasy.

5/17:  Full Moon, Crisis Moon 7:09 am Eastern, 26° Scorpio13', a Full Moon is always a culmination of energy from the last New Moon, on May 3rd.

5/19: Moon ---> earthy Capricorn♑, somber, self-control.

5/20: Mars♂ trines Pluto♇ = energetic, Mercury☿trines Pluto♇= mental focus, Mercury☿conjuncts Mars♂ = assertive communications.

5/21: Sun ---> Gemini, Venus♀ trines Pluto♇, Moon☽ ---> Aquarius = Power of attraction, procreation.

5/22: Sun squares □ Neptune♆= sensitivity to nuances, spiritual self, may lack clarity, easily swayed. Musical.

5/23: Venus♀ conjuncts☌Mars♂ = Passion, desire, love impulse..oo la la

5/24: Moon ---> watery Pisces♓ subconscious undercurrents.

5/26: Moon ---> firey Aries, no aspects
5/29: Moon ---> earthy Taurus♉

5/30: Happy Memorial Day! Moonconjuncts Mars♂ then Venus♀.
3 days before the New Moon is called the Balsamic Phase. The Balsamic Phase is the Wishing Moon~!

*Make a Wish, Blow a Kiss to the Universe! *

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Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Lorraine ValentePeace

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