Sunday, January 23, 2011

☆♥*♥☆The Tower Card~Number XVI~Uranus☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

The Tower Card~Number XVI~16~Uranus

 The Tower card in the Tarot is card #16 and symbolizes sudden destruction in our lives. The lightening bolts striking the crown of the tower represents sudden change and events that are unexpected and unprepared for. Change often inspires growth and transformation after reality sets in.  Acceptance and reorientation to these changes and challenges is important.  Realize the status quo is an “illusion” we create. Nothing remains the same.

The Tower is typically symbolic of the planet Mars, yet I also equate this card with Uranus’ electrical, lightening bolt response and the impact of sudden awareness in the psyche. It’s the “a-ha” card in the Tarot deck.

Uranus transits or if it's significantly placed in the chart, you may experience nervous energy and events may suddenly and unexpectedly unfold in your life.  Shock is another meaning of The Tower.  Discovering your partner is having an affair, the sudden loss of a job or a person is shocking.  With the loss of a job, there is loss of income and the trickle down effect on every area of life.  With the loss of a relationship such as in divorce, there may be a loss of identity.  When a marriage ends, you become "single" and no longer a "husband" or "wife".  Identity changes.  The heart chakra shuts down, closes up as a self protective measure.  Intentional and deliberate undermining or jealousy is symbolic of Tower.  Reaching a breaking point and decision making are other possibilities. The truth can set you free!

When The Tower appears in a reading, the truth is exposed, sometimes with life shattering consequences. Oftentimes it will appear in a relationship reading to shed light or reveal the “reality” of a situation through crisis. It signifies insight or a heightened awareness after a painful experience. A relationship may end or drastically change course. After the September 11 (911) events, drawing the Tower reminded me of the horror and pain of that day. We are often caught off guard and shocked when the Tower appears.

Keywords: Crisis, Loss, Change, Sudden, Life shattering, Shock(ing), Awareness, Truth exposed, Endings, Unexpected, Revelation, Enlightenment.

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Lorraine Valente

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