Tuesday, January 4, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ Karmic Relationships ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

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I shared a Note about karmic relationships with fellow astrologers on Facebook and wanted to add to it and also share it with you as well.

Carl Jung noted that fragments of the anima & animus figures come from common mythic images. It could also be that unconscious memories of past-life loves may be brought into this life with the expectation of finding he same qualities again. Strong past-life residue may affect the development of the anima or animus figure. This phenomenon may cause a person to attract a "karmic" relationship in the present carnation.

The roots of any relationship are nourished by the unconscious qualities and patterns developed through years and lifetimes. Carl Jung, noted Psychologist, spoke of the anima and animus figures within the unconscious. He thought they were two sides to the same source of unconscious development. These symbols are important when understanding the nature of relationships, how we attract partners, and human development, specifically.

Sigmund Freud noted that a female child first learns about love from the father, and of males who have shown her love during her childhood years. These impressions form her unconscious "animus " figure. The male child learns the same, first through and inrelationship with his mother, retaining those preverbal and unconscious memories. Through the years, more fragments are added to this unconscious memory. These memories, branch out, absorbing more nuances through the five senses, feelings, sensations, visuals, tastes, scents, ever forming more impressions, as collections from various people who show us love. ~Martin Schulman
Milton Erickson, the famed Hypnotherapist, was renowned for his ability to assist people in making dramatic personal change.  Erikson discovered that the best way to communicate with the unconscious is in its own language, the metaphor.  Erickson's strategy was to distract the conscious mind by using abstract vague language to communicate directly to the unconscious and access resources. People really didn't recognize what he was doing because Erickson simply told stories, parables, or jokes that resonated with unconscious material in his clients. Metaphors describe an experience through story-telling.  People see themselves in the stories they hear and become part of the story.  Metaphors filter through our perceptions and how we make sense out of the world.  Because of this fact, metaphors serve as powerful agents of change capable of shifting perception and experience.  As a result, metaphors utilized during hypnosis can transform people's behavior, and subsequently, lives. Through hypnosis and regression therapy/past-life regression we're able to access these unconscious imprints and memories to be uncovered and transformed.

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Lorraine Valente


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