Monday, January 31, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ Planetary Aquarius ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

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If you have your…

Ascendant in Aquarius: You appear honest and truthful. You make friends easily and are an inventive conversationalist. Because you are a fixed sign, although you are quite fair and tolerant you can also be inflexible, impatient, and intolerant of others shortcomings. You enjoy being with people yet also enjoy your alone time.

Moon in Aquarius: Moon here is creative and humanitarian. Emotionally detached, ambivalent, aloof and visionary. Unconventional, imaginative, and independent.

Mercury in Aquarius: You are inventive, creative, innovative and detached. You possess a tremendous power of observation, the proverbial people watcher. Eccentric ideas.

Venus in Aquarius: Venus in this sign is intellectually detached in love, yet quite kind and helpful. Unemotional, open and popular. You’re also prone to having platonic relationships rather than dynamic love affairs. Very magnetic.

Mars in Aquarius: Mars in this sign rational and unpredictable. Energy expressed through intellectualism and mentality. Strong sexual desires yet may be prone to affairs.  The reformer.  People person.

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