Friday, November 19, 2010

☆♥*♥☆ Full Taurus Moon ☆♥*♥☆

by Lorraine Valente

Dear Moongazers,

Here in the United States, the day before the Sun enters Sagittarius, we experience a Full Moon at 12:27pm on the last degree, 29+ Taurus.

Aspecting the Full Moon:

Chariklo, 29 Scorpio conjunct the Sun
Siva, 29 Scorpio conjunct the Sun
Lachesis, 17 Sagittarius conjunct Mercury and Mars out-of-bounds (OOB)
Pallas Athene, 18 Sagittarius conjunct Mercury and Mars out-of-bounds (OOB)
Fixed Star Toliman, 29 Scorpio conjunct the Sun
Yod: Apex planet Venus in Libra ~~~> * Uranus in Pisces ~~~> * Taurus Moon

A Yod is forms a geometric pattern called the isosceles triangle.   It's commonly referred to by astrologers as the "Finger of God" as the apex point is the finger pointing to an important or fated path and area of life.  When transiting planets touch the "finger", the entire triangle comes alive, vibrating with energy focusing attention to the symbolism of that planet(s).  The upcoming Full Taurus Moon forms a Yod with iconoclast Uranus while both Uranus and the Moon TXT message Venus, now moving forward.  Venus receives the Moon and Uranus like a bolt of lightening, emotionally charged, intuitive hunches, A~ha~~!  Light bulb awareness.

Chariklo:   Hidden passion, social causes, unsympathetic to traditional roles, a healing, a therapy, represents the emancipation aspcts of the Lilith archetype, according to Juan Revilla.

Siva/Siwa: Hindu Lord of Destruction, wrath or rage of pent up energy, feed from attachment or insistence, suspicions, union of knowledge, compassion, poignant experiences, transform the body, liberation, transformation of sexual consciousness, destroyer of personality-bound concepts, radical change, breakthroughs, snake incidents, the Far East: China, Vietnam, Korea, India, Japan, and Malaysia according to Martha Lang-Wescott.

Toliman: According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Venus and Jupiter; and, to Alvidas, of Mars with the Moon and Uranus in Scorpio. It gives beneficence, friends, refinement and a position of honor. (Robson).

Lachesis: the 2nd fate, the "measurer", evaluator, fated experiences, sequence must run its course, interruptions altering plans, someone didn't do something to intervene, one must do something and not wait any longer, according to Martha Lang-Westcott.

Pallas Athene: Pallas Athene, Minerva (Roman), the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, sprang from Zeus’s (Jupiter) head fully formed and cloaked in armor. She symbolizes a woman with the intellect of a man. Because she was borne of man and not woman she is symbolic of a “Uranian” type of matriarchal energy.

Click here for more on warrior goddess Pallas Athene

29 degrees of Taurus is the Pleiades, the Weeping Sisters and is associated with "something to cry about", tears, or eye problems.  Where it is found in the chart may show an ambitious, ruthless, quarrelsome, manipulative, individual possessing a high level of intelligence. According to Fixed Star expert Diana Rosenberg, eye and hearing problems, bereavement, tears, intense sexuality, sexual problems or anomalies, cross-dressing; fires, shipwrecks, air crashes, attacks, forced evacuation, banishment, exile, imprisonment, murder, assassination, devastation but also rescues; use of tear gas; weeping, tears, rain (rains and storms) have been associated with the Pleiades." The Native American Indian plight, The "Trail of Tears", comes to mind. The upcoming Full Moon is closely linked to sharing Pleiades energy.

Click to enjoy this educational YouTube on Moon Phases: Moon Phases

Where does the Full Moon Yod fall in your own chart? What recent experiences have changes your perceptions or life in some way?

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Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lorraine Valente

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