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☆♥*♥☆Happy Birthday Aquarius!☆♥*♥☆

Happy Birthday Aquarius the Water Bearer!
For those born from January 20~ February 19!
Key Phrase is “I Know”.

Aquarius is a Fixed (settled, stubborn), air (thought, intellect) sign located in the Eastern Hemisphere of the chart. Aquarius governs the 11th house of the natural zodiac engaging aspects of friendships, organizations, associations, clubs, hopes and wishes, finances of the employer, the mother’s money (it’s the 2nd house from the 10th), step children (7th from the 5th) as well as counselors, acquaintances and Astrologers. Aquarians are the entrepreneurs and philanthropists of the zodiac. You may be rebellious, intuitive, spirited, eccentric, erratic, and humanitarian. Free will and freedom of speech is important to you.

Aquarius relates to the ankles, calves, and nervous system. Illnesses may develop in the central nervous system when Uranus transits make difficult angle/aspect connections in your the chart. (conjunction, square, opposition, quindecile, parallel and quincunx).

The ancient ruler is Saturn and the modern ruling planet is the erratic and unpredictable Uranus. In traditional astrology, Saturn is responsible, imposing structure and discipline to whatever it touches.  Uranus is a derelict because he brings sudden, unexpected change into ones life. The Tower in the Tarot Deck comes to mind. Uranus transits often manifest some type of catastrophic change to ones life. If Uranus is strong in the chart, you may be drawn to unusual, creative, non-conforming or anti-establishment ideas and associations. Aquarians are known for their inventiveness, being a little “off the top” possessing no interest in convention. Uranus rules electricity, the Internet and yes, Astrologers! Some people think Astrologers are a little “weird”!! It’s not that we are, you know, it’s just that we have a unique way of perceiving the world and others. Because Aquarian’s are so “quirky” they may have a sense or feeling outcast or even a feeling of being adopted by their family of origin. They don’t always feel they fit in.
Uranus is “electric” and rules the nervous system and the ankles/lower calf. Even the astrological glyph for Aquarius resembles electric waves. Other health issues to watch during a Uranus transit might manifest in excessive nervous energy, sciatic pain, ankle or calf cramps, edginess, nervous irritability, inability to fall or stay asleep, anxiety and tension.

When Uranus transits forming a 180 degree angle with natal Uranus at approximately age 41-43, this is called the Uranus Opposition, or what mainstream folk coined the Mid-life crisesKundalini energy forces expression during this time and that enthusiastic energy expresses itself desiring to break free from any perceived restriction or from the status quo. Marriages and relationships come up for review and/or undergo tremendous changes, while some may end completely. Sometimes a long term relationship finally cement and people marry, while other relationships end, or the dynamics of that relationship change. 

The Universe offers a variety of unique and different encounters, events, and draws upon different types of experiences.  During this time, associations with others of a different background, age group, value system, cultural backgrounds, new hobbies and interests other than what's comfortable, seduces one into unique forms of experience.  Any attempt to limit or retrain ones individuality will be fought will intense rebellion. 
Uranian Aquarians think “out of the box”. They are iconoclasts, futurists, technology guru's and inventors of the zodiac. We admire and love their unique ability in accurately assessing and understanding people and circumstances which they have not ever experienced or met.

I’d love to tell you, stay inside the lines.
But something’s better on the other side.
~John Mayer, No Such Thing~Room for Squares

Famous Aquarians: Happy Birthday to Comedian George Burns, and Film Director David Lynch, January 20th, Opera Star Placido Domingo and Actress Geena Davis, January 21st, Actor Humphrey Bogart, January 23rd, Singer Eartha Kitt, and Guitarist Eddie Van Halen, January 26th, Composer and Pianist Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, January 27th, Oprah Winfrey, January 29th, Actor Clark Gable, February 1st, British Psychologist Havelock Ellis, February 2nd and Aviator Charles Lindbergh, February 4th.             
                         "I think, therefore I am." ~ Decartes’ 

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