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☆ ♥*♥☆Epiphany~12 Days after Christmas☆ ♥*♥☆

The 12th day after Christmas, January 6th, is the day of Epiphany. Epiphany occurs only 2 days before the January 9th  Full Cancer Moon culmination at 18+ degrees.  An epiphany is a realization, an aha or that inner sense of illumination of a thing or feeling that was not there previously. It's the comprehension of the essence of a thing, as in a discovery. In some cultures it's a time for baking of the King’s cake. It is a celebration for The Three Kings or Three Wise Men. According to an old legend based on a Bible story, these three Kings saw, on the night when Christ was born, a bright star, and followed it to Bethlehem. There the Christ-child was discovered and he was presented with gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Epiphany is a time of ritual and celebration. One such ritual is a Burning Bowl Ceremony, also performed during Eclipses and New Moons. This ceremony provides an opportunity to meditate and reflect on aspects of life, behaviors, thought forms, beliefs and perspectives that are no longer useful and then release them in preparation for entrance into a new cycle. 

Starting your Epiphany ritual, first prepare your space. Burning sage cleanses negative energy and your aura. If sage isn't a favorite, simply fan the air around your body and space, opening windows briefly as it's quite cold where many  reside. Reiki practitioners may send a special "symbol" into each corner of the room. Sprinkling your favorite essential oil (my preference is Lavender) connects its scent to a memory feeling. Then take a moment to quiet your thoughts, connecting to your heart, Guides, and Angels and write what you are leaving behind; what's being released. Take a deep breath in, then exhale and center again. I'll use tiny pieces of paper or small post-its and write one thought on each slip. After writing want you want to release, place them in a fireproof bowl and allow it to burn. Let them all go. Let them burn, vanishing from your life. Poof~! Gone, up in smoke~!
After you've released what is no longer useful, take a moment to quiet your thoughts and focus on what you want to bring into your life. Take a deep breath in, then exhale, and center. Again, write each of them down on small pieces of paper. Intentions with excited emotion bring them quickly into your life, so get happy~! *smile* Remember a time and place where you felt absolutely amazing, joyful and content. Focus on these feelings as you're writing your intentions. Allow yourself to get caught up in your imagination, thinking of your perfect future. "I want and I will have". These new intentions may be kept either in a space on your altar, a small pouch, bag or in a cup, or any special place. I keep new intentions in a tiny pouch inside my wallet and periodically change them when I have obtained what I want. You may also choose to burn them, sending their energy into the Universe. The choice is yours. Remember to give thanks for all you do have. *I am grateful for....* *Thank you Universe...*    
Settled, knowing that outmoded, limiting thoughts and perceptions have been replaced with progressively new, growth-oriented intentions, these new perspectives feel exciting, soothing, comforting and cathartic. Now you feel amazing, grounded, fantastic, wonderful, happy, awesome, and Divinely blessed. New beginnings await you...many blessings...

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