Thursday, December 15, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ Long Snows Moon~Elk ☆♥*♥☆

In Native American Astrology, those born from November 22nd~December 21st are born under the Long Snows Moon and their animal totem is the Elk. Their color is black and obsidian is their totem in the mineral kingdom. Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that is usually shiny like glass. It has razor-sharp edges and therefore should always be “handled carefully.Obsidian was used in carvings and for jewelry as well as for mirrors. It was also crafted for use in arrowheads. Because obsidian comes from deep within the earth it is said to be grounding.  

Believed to be an intense metaphysical stone which should always be used with care, Obsidian is best used under the guidance of a trained crystal healer. As a "glass" it is inherently "unstable".  As a protective stone, its power lies in its ability to absorb and transform negative energies.
Fractures, Mt. Etna, Sicily
Elk people are very similar to the properties of obsidian. They can be good mirrors for other people as well as “projecting their stuff” onto others. They are often rough around the edges or difficult to get to know because of an uneven outer surface. Elk people can be very protective of those they love or from “perceived” danger. “They try to get as many cows as they can into their harem, and they will fervently defend them from the approaches of any other male” (Sun Bear and Wabun).

Elk are introspective and clairvoyant.  Incredibly strong and elegant, they are perhaps one of the most regal in the deer family. Men of this totem are competitive with each other about the women in their lives.  They may be prone to fits of rage or jealousy that may come as a surprise to those close to them.

Are you an Elk person?  How does Elk energy resonate with you?

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