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☆♥*♥☆The Devil~Capricorn XV☆♥*♥☆

The Devil~Rider-Waite
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The Devil Card in the Rider Waite Tarot  depicts a horned, bat-winged, goat-like, half man, half beast figure, who doesn't actually exist. Psychologically, he represents the Id or the raunchy aspects of the unconscious.  The Devil also symbolizes feelings when in an addictive relationship. Feelings of being completely bonded to a person in an almost obsessive way are possible. Obsessions cause feelings of being tied down or stifled by the intensity of the energy, almost as if it is against the will. Possibility of merging with a person on a deep level, losing independence and allowing the self to be controlled and enslaved to addictive feelings of sexual love is indicated. 

When love patterns are addictive, becoming caught up in appearances and the physical part of a relationship is high. Limiting the self, choosing to stay in the dark (denial) about other less desirable areas of the relationship is likely. Neglecting or denying what's valued, only serves to increase negative feelings. Without passionate energy and an intense connection, fear and doubt is a possibility. The Devil asks "What is the Truth?"

On a mundane level, The Devil symbolizes obsession with materialism. He is the "shadow". You may feel bound, controlled and owned by acquired possessions or fearful of not having enough. We “are” what we own or without those things we are no one. Possessions and ownership reflect inner insecurities, if that is all that brings happiness. The obsession does not always have to be attached to a physical object.  It can be a thought or a belief that keeps one stuck or self confined in self-destructive patterns, self-sabotaging happiness.

The Devil is card is number fifteen in the Tarot. When adding 1 + 5 = 6. The number 6 card is The Lovers. The symbolism in both cards is contained within each other in that the energy of the Devil is the shadow side of The Lovers. Every individual, even the spiritually evolved, possess dark or negative (shadow) aspects of the personality that may periodically surface. When we are not in love, we are in fear. The Devil suggests facing unrealistic fears that bind and chain us to unhealthy emotional and psychological patterns. The Lovers, urges to seek a Higher Power, and the Archangel provides infinite guidance to those who seek the spiritual path of unconditional love.

The Devil may appear in a reading during a time to focus on ridding obsessions over people, situations and material possessions that control your life. Facing fears, compulsions and bondage to materialism is underscored. If surrounded by positive cards, a commitment is on the horizon.

Keywords: Illusion, Obsessions, Compulsions, Addictions, Bondage, Commitment, Truth, Unconscious, Eroticism, Greed, Materialism, Gluttony, Self-sabotage, The Shadow, the Id, Denial, Self-deception, Reality, Pan.

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