Tuesday, November 1, 2011

☆♥*♥☆ November's Cosmic Events ☆♥*♥☆

Dear Cosmic Cohorts!

I hope everyone on the East Coast survived the first major "winter" storm since Hurricane Irene.  On Friday afternoon, I decided to drive to Home Depot for a few winter items.  While there, I purchased 2 small snow shovels, one for my daughter's car and one for mine, one large, longer handled shovel, feet and hand warmers, and oil for the snow blower.  I had already filled up the gasoline containers the week prior. When it was my turn at the check-out counter, the gentleman cashier questioned "Do you know something I don't?" with a wry smile, inquiring about all the snow gadgets.  I replied that it was going to snow tomorrow. He looked at me oddly and then stated that "it doesn't snow before Halloween". "Well, this year it will", I replied! 

I have a feeling that we're in for a cold and wet winter on the East Coast.  Be prepared for power outages and keep extra supplies of batteries, lighters, wood, food and pet food on hand in just in case.  Investing in a generator or power inverter with an auto or marine battery works when the electricity shuts down.  Purchasing a battery back-up/surge protector for your computer and other valuable electronic equipment allows them to run safely and also shut down safely without loss of data.  Many battery back-ups also save $ by regulating the flow of electricity to your computer.

For those of you who experienced tree damage during Irene, please prune your trees!!  Many trees were weakened from wind and rain and all it takes is a little sleet mixed with snow and rain to demolish a tree, many of which border homes, roads, and power lines!  In my hometown, many homeowners assume their trees will care for themselves.  This is not so.  For what it costs in hiring a tree service to prune trees every couple of years will save thousands in home and property and power line damage, repairs, insurance claims, and tree replacements.  Trees have fallen on cars and across major roadways, blocking traffic. Pruning trees may even save lives.

Onto November's events......

11/1: All Saint's DayMoon☽ ---> independent Aquarius, Mercury☿squares Neptune♆= illusive thoughts, dreamy.
11/2: Venus and Mercury☿ ---> exhuberant Sagittarius, Venus early am and Mercury☿ after lunch.
11/3: Venus♀ and Mercury☿ trine Uranus
11/4:  Moon☽---> Pisces. Moon sextiles* Jupiter and Pluto, a good day for initiating.
11/5: Venus♀ and Mercury☿ quincunx Jupiter, while socializing you may hear something that just don't sound right.  Wait until tomorrow for clarity.
11/6:  Moon☽ ---> Aries, Daylight Savings Time ends at 2am.  Clocks back 1 hour in the US.
11/7:  Mars opposes illusive Neptune♆ =  Energy leaks, deceptive men, someone tries to pull one over on you, creativity, psychic ability.
11/8:  Election Day in the US.
11/9:  Moon☽ ---> Taurus, Neptune♆ stations direct (SD).
11/10 Full Moon 18 Taurus 08' at 3:16pm eastern time,  Mars ---> discerning Virgo.
11/11: 11/11/11 Day, Happy Veteran's Day ~ Thank you to all who have Served. Namaste', Moon☽  ---> The Twins, Gemini.
11/12: Mars quincunx erratic Uranus 8:41pm Eastern time.
11/13:  A generally pleasant day, Moon trines Saturn♄ and Neptune♆.
11/14: Moon☽ ---> Lunar-ruled Cancer.
11/16: Moon☽ ---> dramatic Leo, Mars trines Jupiter.
11/17:  Moon trines Mercury☿ and Venus, pleasant evening.
11/18: Moon☽ ---> Virgo.
11/20: Moon☽ ---> affable Libra, Sun squares Neptune♆ = sensitivity to nuances, fuzzy perception, watch immune system.

11/22: Sun ---> Sagittarius, Moon☽ ---> Scorpio, Venus♀ sextiles Saturn early am and the Moon makes favorable aspects during the day favoring emotional and social connections. 3 days before the New Moon is the Balsamic Phase and called the Wishing Moon.  Make a *Wish*, Blow a Kiss to the Universe!
11/24: Happy Thanksgiving in the United States! Sun trines Neptune. Moon☽ --->
Sagittarius, Venus♀ sextiles Neptune. Mercury☿ stations retrograde (rx) at 20 degrees Sagittarius♐ 06' through December 14, 2011, stations direct at 03 degrees Sagittarius 31, the same degree, and emphasizing, the New Moon Solar Eclipse!

11/25: New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ 2 degrees of Sagittarius 37'.
11/26: Islamic New Year. Venus♀ ---> Capricorn, Moon ---> Capricorn, Venus squares Uranus♅ = unusual attractions, taste, attire, freedom from relating.
11/27: Moon trines Mars and Venus♀ trines Jupiter♃ a few hours later, attractions and pleasantries.
11/29: Moon☽ ---> iconoclast Aquarius♒.
11/30: Moon sextiles Mercury☿ early in the day, feels good for writing, absoribing information.

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Thank you, and have a wonderful day! *


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