Wednesday, November 23, 2011

☆♥*♥☆New Moon Solar Eclipse☆♥*♥☆

Dear Cosmic Cohorts!

On Friday, November 25th we will experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 1:10am here on the East Coast in the USA. The New Moon occurs at 02 degrees of Sagittarius 37', rounded up to the 3rd degree. Three (3) days before every New Moon is the Balsamic Phase, the dark of the Moon, or The Wishing Moon. With each New Moon the opportunity presents to visualize that which we desire. The upcoming New Moon, Solar Eclipse portends special dynamic energy for you to manifest exactly what your heart desires!

Solar Eclipses deliver experiences, people, and events into one's life to aid personal growth over the upcoming year and up to the next 18 months. In fiery, mutable Sagittarius, higher education may be highlighted. Certainly, International affairs of every kind, including legal issues may be heightened. Watch events manifest in the News ~ As Above, So Below. Belief systems, political malcontent and related publications including freedom of speech are undergoing transformative change around the Globe. The public expression of opinion as indicated in the “Occupy” movement is one of the methods in which social change is forced upon our current social structures that no longer serve the common good. At the very least, corruption of those in high positions is being exposed. The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse joins both Sun and Moon in a cosmic tango.

A Full Moon is a culmination of energy carried forth from the previous New Moon, 14 days earlier. During a New Moon, if you visualize that which you desire, and “plant” seeds of intention, they have an opportunity to “bloom” during the next Full Moon, also a Total Lunar Eclipse, 18+ degrees Gemini on December 10th.

Desire, wanting, and intent are keys to visualizing that which you want to manifest in one’s life. If you have wanted to start a family, bring a new love into your life, switch careers, or even plan a business, now is the time to plant your personal seeds. By personal seeds I mean the thoughts you create inside your mind’s eye. Thoughts are energy and will magnetically attract like thoughts. However, you really must "believe" it can happen and have faith. (remember, Mercury is retrograde through December 14, so patience is truly a virtue!

Eclipses also mark a time of ritual. In order to make way for your new beginning, new relationship, and personal growth, it is important to rid yourself of negative thoughts and habits. One such ritual is a burning bowl ceremony. In this ceremony, all you need is a fire proof bowl; metal or glass will do, and a pen or pencil, small pieces of paper, and a lighter or matches. You may also burn sage in the bowl for clearing negativity and to cleanse your aura and surroundings.

The intention is to focus first on what you need to remove from your life. Place the words for those thoughts, feelings or experiences each on separate note of paper. An example might be “grief”, or “anxiety” or any other emotion that doesn't benefit you. You might consider removing negativity from the world such as poverty, child abuse, hunger or any other issue you feel strongly about. As you write each word, throw the word into your burning bowl and set it afire. You may do this as often as you like as there is no limit on what you may discard. As you watch your negative thoughts and behaviors burn away and dissolve, know that you are making way for new beginnings and positive energy to enter your life!

*☆ Manifestation *

Next, you want to take similar strips of paper and write each and every thought and desire you want to “manifest” and bring into your life during the New Moon. However, in order for these wishes to come true, they do not get thrown into the fire and destroyed. These are kept in a separate little bag or bowl or drawer. Again, focus on that which you desire. It is not important that you perform both ceremonies at the same time. In fact, you may perform the “burning” ceremony anytime. This “manifesting” ceremony may be performed from 3 days before the New Moon, and during the "dark" of the Moon through the crescent phase. Positive thoughts mixed with strong emotions draw positive results through the mental pictures you visualize for yourself. Then meditate. Completely focus your mind and heart on your heart’s desire(s) and those “wishes” are likely to be heard! Thank you Universe!

* Make a *Wish*, Blow a Kiss *
.................... to the Universe!
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