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☆♥*♥☆ October's Cosmic Events ☆♥*♥☆

Dear Cosmic Cohorts,

How did everyone make it though September's crazy , itchy energy? Libra's affability and indecisiveness carries over into the month until  it meets up with the intensity of  the Scorpion. Here's what's happening in the sky that may effect us Earthy mortals. 

10/1: Moon☽---> philosophical Sagittarius, trines Mars after lunch, emotionally excited
10/2: Moon sextiles* Saturn♄ early and Venus after lunch. A good time for socializing.
10/3: Moon☽ ---> Capricorn, Mars squares Jupiter, lots of changeable aspects of the Moon, wait for  the window  of 7:30pm EDT
10/4: Emotional indecisiveness and tension
10/5: Moon☽ --->humanitarian Aquarius♒
10/6: Mercury and Saturn meet up in Libra for serious compromises.
10/7: Moon☽ ---> illusive Pisces trines Venus then Venus♀ and Neptune align for a romantic evening.  A great "date" night, if you're realistic.
10/8: Yom Kippur, emotionally satisfying afternoon with Moon sextile Jupiter.
10/9:  Venus ---> intense, Scorpio early am.  Passion, secretive, romantically and financially possessive, and suspicious in love, research oriented.
10/10: Columbus Day in the United States, Venus quincunx Uranus late afternoon brings mild irritation. Moon☽---> Aries
10/11: Full Moon 10:06pm Eastern at 18+ degrees Aries, trines the North Node,  18 degrees of Cancer = the Sun/Moon midpoint, triggering the July 11, 2010 Total Solar Eclipse, 19 degrees Cancer.  Solar Eclipse energy may manifest up to 18 months. What was happening in your life during July, 2010?  Family issues are brought to the surface. News about children, abduction, and abuse of children by parents may be more prevalent.  Family structures change.
10/12:  Moon☽ ---> earthy, practical Taurus. Mercury trines Neptune early am, psychic impressions, heightened intuition, feeling spacey.
10/13: Sukkot Begins, Mercury ---> Scorpio, Libra Sun shares energy with disciplied Saturn
10/14: Venus opposes benefic Jupiter after dinner, watch excess spending, indulgences
10/15: Moon☽ ---> edgey in Gemini♊
10/16: Mercury sextiles* Pluto♇, ease of expressing challenging concepts and ideas.
10/17: Moon☽ ---> Cancer♋, Mercury opposes Jupiter, watch your words, only say what needs to be said.
10/18: Moon positively aspects to Mercury and Venus from 1:30pm until after 9pm:  Good day for socializing, hanging with friends and conversation.
10/19: Sukkot Ends.  Save emotional confraontations and strive for another day; tension in the air.
10/20: Moon☽ ---> Firey Leo.
10/21: Wait until after 4:15pm, tension clears, better clarity.
10/22: Moon☽ ---> discerning Virgo
10/23: Sun ---> Scorpio, Moon positvely aspects Mercury and Venus for a good day to socializing.  Communication flows.
10/24: Moon☽ ---> Libra, opposes Uranus 2:11pm Eastern, anxiety, squares Pluto = power stuggles, emotional control, tension.
10/25: Moon☽ ---> Scorpio, New Moon, Crisis Moon, 3 degress+ Scorpio, 3:56pm Eastern.  Make a *Wish*, Blow a *Kiss* to the Universe! Venus square Mars - War of the Roses. 
10/28: Moon☽ ---> Sagittarius, Mercury squares Mars is combative and feisty. Temper your commuications. Jupiter trines Pluto perseveres under pressure and achieves.
10/29:  No aspects except for Moon sextile* Saturn after 11pm Eastern, sleeping is a breeze.
10/30: Moon☽ ---> serious Capricorn, lots of intensity mixed with ease.
10:31:  Happy Halloween, Samhain, Wiccan New Year!  Venus forms a tense square with illusive Neptune after 5pm Eastern, make sure you're the designated driver!

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