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☆♥*♥☆ Juno~Marriage Goddess☆♥*♥☆

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Juno is the goddess of marriage and was known for her fidelity and loyalty to her husband Zeus/Jupiter. Her color is lavendar or lilac. The 6th month of June was sacred to her and traditionally many marriages take place during the month of June. Juno symbolizes the principle of relationship and like the sign of Libra, our most intimate partnerships. She symbolises the principle of relatedness and commitment to another over time. She also signifies the consummation of marriage and is also linked to the sign of Scorpio. Children and their rights are linked to Juno in the horoscope.
Research conducted by The Magi Society suggest that Juno may, astrologically, relate to addictions in the natal. However, the primary reason for this concept is that Juno "obsessed" over and withheld emotions relating to betrayal in her marriage.  She didn't direct those emotions at Jupiter but on the females she caught with her husband! In this regard, Juno was fearful of confronting her husband and, instead, acted out. In her jealousy, she obsessed over her husband’s extra marital affairs. The obsessive qualities of Juno may prevail when linked with Neptune as far as addictions go. I have personally not linked Juno to addictions.  Juno is symbolic of a focused, loyal, commitment dynamic. To the best of my personal research, Neptune (denial) points towards many addictions.  Remember, addiction is twofold:  There is the thought/mind (obsession) and the behavior/body (compulsion) connection.
Juno in the horoscope may also point to a “Soul Mate" partner and is often an indicator of compatibility between two birth charts. Juno yearns for a deeply committed, mystical, and sexually fulfilling relationship. Unfortunately many of Juno’s expectations in marriage to Jupiter were not fulfilled or realized. Jupiter betrayed Juno by maintaining  numerous affairs while holding her loyal to him in her sexual chastity.  He simply felt it his right and privilege to wander around. Since her relationship needs were not met, Juno subsequently experienced a variety of complexes as a result of withholding emotional pain, which included jealousy, abandonment, sacrifice, playing victim, giving away power, manipulation, patterns of oppression, possessiveness, and anger to name a few.

Juno wanted a relationship that was fair and reciprocal. However, what she experienced with Jupiter were power struggles, infidelity, oppression, disappointments and conflicts when she was faced with the reality of her marriage for what it really was. Understanding Juno's meaning by today's relationship standards is quite different. Maintaining one monogamous relationship our entire life is no longer the norm, nor is it practical. Individuals live so much longer and are more spiritually aware and growth oriented. Women entering the workforce and working side-by side with male counterparts has changed not only the work dynamic but the family at home dynamic.  Men, who once longed for their home life, looking forward to the female presence after a long hard day at the office, now have many of those emotional needs met at work.  Men and women not only offer comfort and attention to each other in the workplace, they are also traveling together on business trips.  In a sense, and the women out there will hate me for the comment, women entering the workforce was the beginning of the breakdown of traditional family life, for better or worse.
Regardless of the reasons, it is more commonplace for people to engage in serial monogamy where people have 3 or 4 long-term partners or even marriages during their lives. Humans are not naturally monogamous, although individuals with planets in some signs and aspects may tend towards the desire for monogamy. It is a choice some people make for themselves and their relationship. That choice is one of maintaining intimacy, security, and stability within an existing partnership. Let’s face it, the more distractions or people you bring into a marriage the greater likelihood for that marriage or relationship to break down over time anyway. Those distractions may include involving too many friends and family members who may harbor resentment and jealously and attempt to sabotage, consciously or unconsciously, an enviable, intact relationship.  The high incidence of infidelity taking place within the workplace is a testament of this. Fear of commitment or being truly “intimate” with a partner may also cause one or both to seek excitement outside of the marriage. The anonymity of Internet affairs come to mind.

Men don’t respect us when we allow them to be selfish. They want us to call them on it, but nicely, so they can grow and be happier with themselves and with us in a relationship.” ~Dr. John Gottman

Perhaps Juno's expectations in her marriage to Jupiter/Zeus were unrealistic.  She assumed that in marriage she would be Jupiter’s only sexual partner. When she discovered this was not the case, she remained steadfast and faithful to him regardless of his unfaithfulness! This was a choice. Her faithfulness was one of Juno’s finest attributes. She stood by her man, no matter what. However, her anger was directed to "the other women" even though it was Jupiter/Zeus who usually seduced them. The unfortunate part of this was that Juno internalized her unhappiness and sadness. The sexual boundaries in their marriage were betrayed. When hurt and pain are internalized and feelings are unfulfilled, a variety of pathologies may result i.e.: resentment, regret, bitterness then depression. She might have asked herself some questions: How much must you sacrifice, compromise or accept to be in this marriage or any relationship? When does being overly "tolerant" and denying personal needs betray the "Self" and what is valued? Is your compromise appreciated?
Astrologically, Juno may also signify the lack of acknowledgment received from a partner and emerging resentment when needs are not met. It also indicates certain obligations and responsibilities that are willingly attended to. Juno also provides structure to the house to which it resides.

When a vow of marriage is taken, many people are of the belief that their spouse automatically takes a vow of fidelity. How many people ask their partner, beforehand, if they desire only one sexual partner during marriage and, more importantly, can they be monogamous? Given the high incidence of “affairs” in our society, individuals need to discuss issues of fidelity “before” they legally tie the knot, don’t you agree? It is mostly assumed if you have a legal contract, a marriage certificate, it implies fidelity and that marriage equals a monogamous relationship. In actuality, it only implies financially legal contract. Actually, the vows of marriage state nothing remotely insinuating fidelity.
A patriarchal society assumes, then imposes, monogamy and restricts the basic, inherent instinct to sex and procreate, at will. Monogamy, celibacy, and fidelity are choices. It should never be assumed or taken for granted. It is human nature, and a basic right to change one's mind about it. A problem arises when one of two partners changes his/her mind then doesn't remember to inform the other.  Astrologer Jeffrey Green comments on this and states that the concept of monogamy, one sexual partner for life, exists because men wanted to own and possess their partners. The beginning of patriarchy has its roots in the knowledge that men have an “interest” in and contributed to the conception of children; this was the beginning of patriarchy. Their partners were automatically considered property to own. When women marry they suddenly become Mrs. “His last name”.
However, fast forward to 2011, many women are choosing to not conceive children or have decided to adopt instead. What of the divorced baby boomers who have remarried 2 or 3 times who chose to not conceive children? What about Generation's X and Y who are either cohabiting or marrying later and may never conceive children?  Men and women are choosing to marry later in life if at all. These are some of the many issues tied Juno symbolism.

The house in which Juno resides in your birth chart points to where you are most committed or obsessed. For instance, Juno in the 10th house might show a person most committed to work and their profession. It might also say that having a “wife” or “husband” and having the identity of being “married” is important to the career. Juno conjunct (close in degree) the Sun would manifest similarly and might also say “I don’t exist without a partner” or “I need a committed partner or I am committed to partnering”. My own Juno resides in house 9 in the sign of Leo, the house of higher learning, beliefs, spirituality, philosophies, and long distance travel. On more than one occasion I've been in a relationship with someone from another country, ethnicity, a significant age difference, or a partner who traveled to another country for employment. I'm committed to sharing philosophies of life and spirituality (9th house) with a partner. In the sign of Leo, I tend to attract an individual with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or an assertive, fun-loving, youthful personality. Juno in Leo in the 9th house symbolizes the need for a loyal and devoted partner, one to feel proud of (Leo) who may also be a mentor or paternal figure, or a desire for him to fill this role. Juno is Leo seeks equality and once this Juno sets theier sights ona person, they seldom change their minds. Because my Juno in 9 forms an exact trine to Saturn, I want a committed relationship, so married or legally unavailable men need not apply! :-)

Today, the placement of Juno may also symbolize the area of life where it serves you best to be open to change and balance in your relationship. If Juno lived today, perhaps she would have divorced Jupiter or maintained an open marriage (what's works for you, works for me too!). Perhaps she would not have accepted the back seat in marriage. Women today want equal say in their relationships and don’t necessarily see it their duty to stay and protect the home life, particularly if children aren't involved, if it means betraying their sense of Self.  Couples have many choices today, thankfully.  "To Thine Own Self Be True".

Juno is currently transiting the 25th degree of Libra with Mercury, trining Neptune.  How are you experiencing Juno in your own chart?  The transit through Venus-ruled Libra?  Share your post with us!
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  1. Good article Lorraine, Juno just took it all didn't she, instead of turning Zeus into a river, or a tree she wreaked havoc on the women he betrayed her with...
    My Juno is all by herself on my Capricorn ascendant, the longest and most stable relationship I had was with a Capricorn man..13 years!
    Thanks for this excellent teaching.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Marina,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the article on Juno. Well, isn't 13 years for Capricorn karmic? :-) Perhaps the folowing 13 years were then devoted instead to yourSelf!

    Remember too that back in the day,women didn't confront a husband's infidelity and divorce wasn't an option. Women basically had "no say". It is not healthy to block the throat chakra. Fortunately, Juno is also symbolic of empowerment.

  4. Hi Marina, Ive had quite an obsession with Juno herself in my chart how funny is that? I know she is a strong influence but still trying to grasp how. She conjuncts pallas in my pisces 5th house and is quincux mars and uranus in my leo 10th house. I know i have been betrayed many times and have learned and worked on where i am in fact betraying the true me and now refuse (obsessed) with honouring that true self. I find the asteroids have such an influence in colouring in the "outlines" created by the main planetary bodies of a chart. So fascinating, sooo intriguing. Thanks for the articile, very interesting and clarity inspiring :)

  5. oops, in a bit of a mind fog just now, meant to say Hi Lorraine, but had just been reading Marina's post and away with faeries lol! how neptunian of me hahahaha!

  6. Just posted a comment that disappeared!

    Thank you so much for your feedback and personal Juno story. Asteroids are like sprinkles on othewise sweet frosted cupcakes. They add, decoration, color, flavor and pizzazz!

    Neptune is excused!! :-)


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