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☆♥*♥☆ Spider Wisdom ~ Arachne ☆♥*♥☆

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I hope all the father's, and the mother's and others who also fill that role, had a wonderful day.

Today was a beautiful day in New Jersey; the Sun shined brightly and an ever so light breeze bathed the landscape, gently caressing each bloom that appears to have been smiling towards its rays.  I caught the glimpse of a spider, doing what spiders do, apparently suspended in the process of creating his net-like web. A photo was taken for you here. 

Its legs are so fragile and spindly, yet all spiders are predators by nature.  Many have the ability to paralyze their prey with venom, a form of chemical that stuns, kills, and pre-digests its victim, according to Palmer, 2001.  It is difficult to see his web of creation as it is virtually invisible, yet it is there, as he patiently awaits "dinner".  This spider was rather small so I'll assume it is male as female spiders are generally larger.
The Native American Indian creates an object of beauty called a dream catcher, which actually resembles a spider's web.  Dream catcher's are thought to protect infants from harm and also "catch" ones dreams. Spider is also considered a "Grandmother", link to the past and future. 

Spider is an intricate weaver, spinning life creations or veils of illusion.  Spider webs are always growing. Becuase she is associated with sex, death, magic, fate,  entrapment, communication, and illusion, she is often feared.  Spider, like the Scorpion, possess power in controlling ones destiny and subsequent fate.

Astrologically, the glyph for asteroid Arachne is that of a web.  Webs are complicated works of skillful art.  Arachne is thought to bestow skill and expertise.  There may be an attitude about that skill or expertise culminating in a certain level of prideful arrogance.  House position demostrates the area of life where complications present.  Arachne is currently transiting 11 degrees Cancer 46', squaring Saturn in Libra. Have you noticed how many complicated relationship dramas are in the news lately?  Hugh Hefner's 25 year old girlfriend, Crystal Harris, calls off their wedding the night transiting Saturn turns direct, supposedly because she "just" realized that three is a crowd, and she wasn't having any of it.  What about Anthony Weiner's weiner Tweets, while his new wife is pregnant with their first child? What was he thinking? Today, I saw a Youtube about "Kiss" rocker Gene Simmon's partner Shannon Tweed, sick and tired of being sick and tired of his philandering ways, after 28 years (sounds like Saturn karma). "Oh, what a tangled web we weave....." 

When Spider appears on your path, notice intricate details as they offer wisdom and guidance. Growth, expansion, and breaking out of your comfort zone is indicated. There are infinite possibilities by which you may design your future.

Keywords: Illusions, Patterns, Skill, Knots, Complications, Destiny, Fate, Growth, Entrapment, Spinning, Wisdom, Expansion, Possibilities, Magic, Death, Sex, Weaving, Predator, Invisible.

Where is Arachne in your chart? Your partners?

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