Thursday, June 24, 2010

☆♥*♥☆ Upcoming Cosmic Events ☆♥*♥☆

By Lorraine Valente

June 26, 2010~Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto.

July 5, 2010~Uranus stations retrograde at 0 Aries

July 8, 2010~Jupiter turns North in declination

July 11, 2010~New Moon Total Eclipse at 19 degrees Cancer (not seen in N. America)~Below

July 21, 2010~Saturn re-enters tropical Libra

July 23, 2010~Jupiter stations retrograde at 03 Aries 24'

July 25, 2010~Jupiter squares Pluto

July 26, 2010~This is the 5th Saturn/Uranus opposition

July 31, 2010~Mars & Jupiter turn South in Declination

July 3~Mars conjoins Saturn at 0 Libra

August 3, 2010~Jupiter, retrograde, squares Pluto again

August 6, 2010~Venus turns South in Declination

August 13-14, 2010~Uranus re-enters tropical Pisces

August 16, 2010~Jupiter opposes Saturn

August 20, 2010~Mercury retrogrades at 19 degrees Virgo

August 21, 2010~Saturn squares Pluto

September 8, 2010~Saturn turns South in declination

September 8, 2010~New Moon at 15 degrees Virgo 41'

September 8, 2010~Venus enters Scorpio

September 8-9, 2010~Jupiter re-enters tropical Pisces

September 12, 2010~Mercury stations direct at 05 degrees Virgo 26'

September 14, 2010~Pluto stations direct 04 Capricorn 47'

September 14, 2010~Mars enters Scorpio

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Lorraine Valente


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