Sunday, June 27, 2010

☆♥*♥☆Strong Sun Moon~Flicker ☆♥*♥☆

By Lorraine Valente

In Native American Astrology, those born from June 21~July 22nd are born under the Strong Sun Moon and their animal totem is the Flicker or Woodpecker. Their color is pink and they are part of the Frog Elemental Clan. The flicker is a member of the woodpecker family and is known for its perseverance and relentlessness in the face of something it desires or needs for its security or children. The flicker is quick, precise, and detail oriented.

The carnelian agate is their mineral totem. Carnelian was the first hard stone engraved in ancient times. Because of its color, carnelian has been associated with blood. It was a stone to be used in emergencies and useful in healing people. Carnelian possesses the ability to stop blood flowing from wounds. Because of its lovely color, it is also associated with the heart. The stone is often given as a pledge of love.

"The name of the flicker actually comes from one of the sounds it makes. Flicker makes a variety of sounds, and during mating season it displays great musical talents. Their drumming and drilling sounds are tied to the mysteries of music and rhythm.  Anyone with Flicker as a totem should begin to study the use of percussion instruments i.e.: Drums and rattles.” (Andrews, 2003, p. 142). Flicker people are home oriented. Having a comfortable, spacious, and beautiful home is important to Flickers. They function best when their home; physical, emotional, or mental is attractive and running smoothly.

The Woodpecker was known to the Romans as the bird of the god Mars. Woodpecker has powerful neck muscles coupled with persistence, and makes it possible for them to dig in wood for bugs. They are also able to climb up and down trees, backward and forward, or upsidedown without a problem. I can view a Woodpecker or two outside my office window, in the yard, at the feeder. He can usually be seen scaling the tree, seemingly against all gravity, hanging upside down on the bark of the tree or feeder. They are quite the little acrobats. “In Greece and Rome, woodpeckers symbolized war, destruction, sudden attacks and storms. Germans called it the Little King in the West and the “King of Birds”"(Conway, 2003, p. 193).

Woodpeckers are also symbolic of hope, prophecy, rhythm, good luck, a warning for impending trouble or the opportunity to manifest healing love. If you stumbled upon a woodpecker recently, pay attention to your intuition and inner guidance leading to truth.

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Lorraine Valente


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